Some new BBC commissions

By | February 28, 2018

Press release.

Hardball was looking for contestants under the working title of Moneyball I think and appears to be basically the endgame from Rebound with Ore Oduba and a more physical clock.

Chase the Case sounds like Indian Poker with briefcases and a general knowledge element with Dan Walker.

Both coming later in the year.

7 thoughts on “Some new BBC commissions

  1. David

    If they do Hardball like the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene, it could be funny- sounds a bit meh otherwise.

    Chase the Case sounds interesting- sorta sounds like an old show with the english title “Where is The Money?” which was done in the Netherlands as a lottery show; and when I was looking around for more info, I stumbled on a full episode of it:

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    I’m intrigued by Hardball in a sort of “Remind me why Breakaway only got two series?” fashion – heck, they could probably do worse than remodelling and reusing its track…

  3. Danny Kerner

    Hardball -Players step up to face the ball on 25 metres of track in front of which they are asked questions that test all aspects of their knowledge on topics as varied as pop music, history, sport and movies.

    “Each question they answer correctly moves them further down the track. But the players are being chased by a ball that never stops – the Hardball. As soon as the ball passes them, the game is over.”

    Chase The Case – Five players begin the game by being given a case containing a secret amount of cash.

    “Players answer questions to win visits to a soundproof secret vault where they can learn information about what’s in their opponents’ cases.

    “As they are never allowed to see inside their own case, the only way to figure out what they are carrying is by the power of deduction.

    “The audience play along at home as they are privy to all of the intelligence acquired in the vault.”

    Players can try to steal each other’s cases in “head-to-head challenges” but only the one who reaches the finish line first gets to take home the prize in the case they are holding.

  4. Danny Kerner

    Also on the commission list is Flipping Profit which in my eyes is technically a game show.

    Flipping Profit –
    Three very different profit hunters are pitted against each other to see who can make the most money. In each episode three different experts in their field – an antiques expert, a wheeler dealer trader and an inspiring upcycler – will visit a town to find the best deals to upcycle, sell or trade. The pressure is on as they’re using their own money and have no set budget. But it’s not about how much they spend, it’s about how much profit they can make.

    They have just one day to buy, find and barter for their items. They’ll meet again at the end of the day to compare their wares, talk about the provenance of what they’ve bought, how much they have spent and most importantly what profit they think they will make – and how.

    The viewers will then see the experts at work: the upcycler in in their studio transforming their item, the antiques expert researching or meeting potential buyers and the wheeler dealer cleaning up their item and working out the best buyer. At the end of each episode profits are revealed and the expert who has made the biggest profit wins with their revenue going to Children in Need.

    1. Danny Kerner

      All 3 commissions have had a month worth of episodes. 20x45mins

  5. Mathew Palmieri

    In other news, joey graceffa’s escape the room reality competition(Witch Brig has’int watched yet, HINT HINT) Escape the night may have been quietly renewed for a third season on youtube red.
    You can watch the first season in its entirety here on dailymotion:
    And i hope you will, It sounds like something you’d like…. That was Botched beyond belief…. (DYK the puzzles were made by an acual escape room company?


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