8 thoughts on “There’s ‘niche’ and there’s ‘niche’

  1. Alex McMillan

    I was going to suggest this would need some form of playalong element to work, but lo and behold they are going to have that! I’d be happy to give this a chance. Ideally they could wrangle the full series of shows I can’t watch anymore (#bringbackduel)

    It still baffles me there are no services that offer the North American versions of Big Brother, Survivor and Amazing Race. There is an audience for it over here, and I’d be happy to pay to get hold of this stuff legitimately. This service doesn’t seem likely to go for that content, and hayu (which absolutely should be) doesn’t have it either.

    1. Greg

      I emailed HayU with this very suggestion when it started to be included in my Virgin Media TV package. They did not even bother to reply.

      I think Travel Channel would be a good channel for The Amazing Race I should suggest it to them.

      I was kind of hoping that this streaming service would pick up and show some more interesting titles. It concerns me they are going after what they describe as high brow titles, as a quiz and gameshow fan repeats of Countdown, Only Connect and Mastermind do not appeal to me at all and I can’t help but thinking that the people who it may appeal to will not know about the service or not have access to it.

      I am not sure what the rights situation would be like but there has been many filmed pilots and even some series that did not ever get shown. That is the kind of content to me that would make this service worthwhile mixed in with some great shows that have not been shown on Challenge.

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    Streaming Video On Demand, for those as confused as me.

    If they have shows that we can’t get elsewhere – for instance, could this be the place for US Jeopardy! in the UK? – and if there isn’t a ridiculous minimum contract term, I’d be more likely than not to give this a spin.

    1. Danny Kerner

      If it brings slot of shows out of the archive which Challenge refused to pick up for broadcast I will jump on this new service.

      On other news CBS Drama has quietly dropped Wheel Of Fortune however it apparently comes back on April 2nd but on episode 72.

      1. Will Tennant

        I was wondering why Wheel of Fortune was stopped on my series link on freesat.

        I miss watching Amazing Race as well when it was on over here too!

  3. Whoknows

    Surely this can’t be a success? Surely?! I guess the rights to everything they’ve got will be dirt cheap because other than Challenge who else would want them? But boy I’d be astonished if this lasted a year.

  4. Brekkie

    Trouble with archive content, especially game shows, is once you’ve seen a couple of episodes the novelty soon wear off, especially for studio shows. Paying half the price of Netflix for this is like paying half the Sky subscription cost just for Challenge.


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