Apropos of nothing

By | March 5, 2018

As there’s not much on at the moment, here’s something I ended up watching a bunch of episodes of yesterday, for no discernable reason, US Supermarket Sweep.

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  1. Kniwt

    Dicho y Hecho, aka Taskmaster Spain, premieres this Friday:

    Rough auto-translate of the key parts:
    “La 1 premieres this Friday ‘ Said and done ‘, a show in which comedians and celebrities compete in fun and surreal challenges. This new humor format, produced by RTVE in collaboration with Secuoya Contenidos, will have Anabel Alonso (La Jefa) and José Corbacho (El ayudante) in charge, who will be responsible for proposing the challenges, supervising and scoring them. Pablo Carbonell , David Fernandez , Secun de la Rosa , Elena Furiase , Goizalde Núñez and Leonor Lavado will be the contestants.

    “Toñi Prieto, director of Entertainment Programs of TVE , attended the press conference before the media held at the Coliseum Theater in Madrid ; Eduardo Escorial, director of Secuoya Contenidos; as well as Anabel Alonso, José Corbacho and accompanied by the ‘contestants’ Pablo Carbonell, David Fernandez, Elena Furiase, Goizalde Núñez and Leonor Lavado. “Televisión Española bets once again for family entertainment. And we are very proud to have again with Anabel and Corbacho, what good times they gave us in ‘MasterChef’ “, Toñi Prieto recalled.

    … “In each program, a group of six comedians and celebrities will compete with each other in strange and surreal challenges that will put their creativity to the test. Each chapter has seven tests, which all contestants will perform and the Head, Anabel Alonso, will be responsible for scoring. The points are added to a ranking that at the end of the program will reveal who is the winner of the chapter.

    “Most of the tests have been recorded in Villa-mandona, La Jefa’s house located in a natural space. These exterior tests will be viewed, commented and scored in a theater, with a live audience. In addition, the contestants will face three fun tests right there.”

  2. CeleTheRef

    Tonight Avanti Un Altro! celebrates its 1000th episode!
    For this special event, the off-screen personnel ( make-up, hairdressers, etc) is going to play the game!


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