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By | April 11, 2018


Out on iOS and Android on 12th April.

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Well this is great, after a while in the wilderness, Barnstorm ARE BACK with an excellent Tenable app.

Like in Barnstorm’s best apps, it really nails the feel of the show. The main differences are AI Warwick doesn’t bang on about being in Star Wars and it works as effectively a large multiple choice quiz, presumably to get round parsing issues.

If that sounds worrying don’t be. Every question has a selection of 16 possible answers to choose from (other than the final where it’s twenty) and the wrong answers all feel very plausable in the time I’ve had with it so far, to the point where I was experiencing quite a lot of self-doubt throughout. You can ask the computer to nominate an answer as on TV, although whether it’s selection is predetermined (useful) or random (not so useful) I don’t know. Right now you have to scroll all the way to the right to select a nominate rather than use the three big N buttons above the question, but I’m assured this is going to be changed in an update.

You can play multiplayer either as a team or as a two player take-it-in-turns versus mode. The game boasts 300 questions (I don’t know how many are lifted from the show), you can buy question packs (right now they have 300 more questions total) and more free questions are promised at a later date. You get little facts with the right answers, some relevant, some not so relevant.

If you like the show, this is an easy recommendation. And it’s great to see Barnstorm get it basically right straight out of the gate again.

11 thoughts on “Apps Upside Your Head: Tenable

  1. Simon F

    App seems to be in the app stores now. Usual great job done by Barnstorm.

  2. CeleTheRef

    Tonight a very popular format returns in Italy, “La Corrida”!
    It is pretty much the Italian equivalent of The Gong Show, with complete amateurs showing their (questionable) talent in front of a live audience, who decides the winner.
    When the producer has seen enough of the act, a traffic light turns green and that’s the signal for the audience to cast their vote by clapping hands (good) or by making noise with whatever they brought from home (bad!).

    The format started on the RAI radio, then it enjoed 19 televised series on Canale5 and tonight the show comes back to RAI1 for its 20th television series!

    Corrado Mantoni (the mentor of Paolo Bonolis) hosted the radio edition (’68 to ’79) and the first 10 TV series (’86 to ’97), Gerry Scotti hosted 8 series (from ’02 to ’09) and Flavio Insinna hosted the forgettable 2011 series.
    Carlo Conti will be hosting this time.

    There are many acts on Youtube, here’s one from the Corrado era and one from the Scotti era. As you can guess, the assistant who brings in the contestants is picked from the studio audience.

    “And it doesn’t end there!”

    1. Crimsonshade

      To save people time, this is the same trailer that was also posted on ITV’s Twitter.


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