Play Your Carr Right

By | October 1, 2018

Well I didn’t see this coming, but then on the other hand I don’t see why not. Alan Carr doing another Fremantle reboot that’s a “special”. You can click for bigger but in truth that’s a pretty lousy font being used.

TL;DR they’re recording an episode of Play Your Cards Right on October 29th, it’s a non-transmittable pilot, couples can register interest by e-mailing with names, ages, contact number and a recent picture. Good luck!

We went to see the last PYCR pilot they did in 2011 with Vernon Kay and you can read about that here.

9 thoughts on “Play Your Carr Right

  1. David

    This might be a better fit for him than TPIR, however who knows- I really like the logo though.

  2. Chris B

    I really like Alan, but recently he’s gone through more pilots than Ryanair and most of them have been stinkers (the other recently announced TV burp rip off sounds like it could be added to that list. Prove me wrong.).

    Maybe this could be the hit he needs? If he keeps down the Brucie path, I actually think he’s a much better fit for the Generation Game than Mel and Sue but that ship has long sailed

    1. Steve Williams

      I would agree with this, I like Alan – my mum really likes him – and it’s a bit sad to see him flung on every format going. If anything he reminds me a bit of Jack Dee, who spent ages doing increasingly dull and derivative formats (Happy Hour, Sunday Service) and whose career seemed to be really stagnating. I think the same is true for Alan, he’s been on Channel Four too long and they’ve clearly run out of things for him to do.

      Of course, this pilot is for ITV, and he was supposed to be doing that Singalong Live series for them too (though I’ve not heard much about that for a while). And maybe this’ll be a good move for him, it’s like how Graham Norton decided to move to the Beeb because he thought he’d done all he could on late night Channel Four and he wanted to challenge himself and see if he could work on mainstream shows in primetime. Hopefully the same is true for Alan, he’s far too mainstream for Channel Four these days and he could be very useful for ITV.

  3. Des Elmes

    “You’ve got to turn it, to earn it!”

    Well, you don’t get anything for that catchphrase – not in this game…

    1. Chris M. Dickson

      On the subject of Play Your Cards Right catchphrases, the Wikipedia article has a long old list of ’em. It would appear that nine days ago a user from IP address added a new one:

      “I’ll have no truck, you dirty schmuck!” – Bruce Forsyth

      Didn’t he do well?

  4. Danny Kerner

    So in reality it might not be produced in full. If it goes down like Price is right quality we may never see it come to reality.

  5. Brandon

    The first things that grabbed my attention were that very nice new logo, and that the headline mentions “a huge cash prize” even though this is a non-broadcast pilot so presumably no actual prizes will be won.

    Talking of non-broadcast pilots, I found an odd one I hadn’t heard of before from 2008 called Coalition, hosted by Greg from Quizmania. When he’s doing the intro bit, I half expected him to “as round by round, we lose the player voted the Weakest Link!” It feels so much a product of its time, all it would need is Split or Steal and it would be the most ’00s game show possible.


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