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By | October 3, 2018

I appear to have all the lethargy of a cold but with only minor nose-running and sore throat. I’m not sure how good that is.

But something that is quite good (or interesting at least) is The Great Escape, South Korea’s new escape room reality show with some of the people behind the brilliant The Genius and the so-so Society Game.

Here six Korean celebs must work as a team to escape from not only a room but an entire warehouse by solving puzzles and finding secrets. It’s like one big puzzle box, and I get the feeling it’s going to be rather Metroidvania-y. In theory this is a great premise, especially if you, like me, are big fans of the building-as-character concept. However the start is rather slow and revelations probably need to come a bit thicker and faster. Like a lot of Korean reality-variety, the comic interplay between the cast comes across as more important than the situation, for better or worse. I’m intrigued to see how it develops. Keep an eye on the Korean Variety Reddit for details of translations, here’s the back to back ep 1 and 2.

In other news Little Lion have announced they’re doing a new Crystal Maze Live Experience in Shaftsbury Avenue in London. Liam Tate off of Twitter and The Crystal Maze Fan Group Blog have sleuthed that it will be in what was the Golden Nugget Casino building, and is 21,000 square foot.

Meanwhile, courtesy of Dr @jeawallace,

So, talking about the Cyberdrome Crystal Maze has reminded me that the hardware was basically pc based. I still dabble within mame circles and I know people are interested in preserving that kind of project as well as straight arcades. I guess what I’m saying is if any of the Bar patrons kept any of that stuff and can hook me up I’d love to get wheels in motion on trying to make a virtual version.


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  1. James W

    Hello, the person Brig signal boosted here – I appreciate it’s a little niche, but I’ve always thought there’d be some worth in preserving the software behind either live portrayls or actual gameshows themselves. (I know there’s an Acorn exhibit somewhere with the BBC Special Projects programs for The National Lottery and various CBBC call in shows, for example).

    It’s an embryonic project at the moment, hence me just putting feelers out, but any contributions greatly received. I’ve left my email address with this post so the boss man can see it in case but it might be a vaguely worthwhile exercise, if any of that stuff still exists.

    1. Chris M. Dickson

      I interviewed one of the people behind it three years ago and so have a relevant e-mail address which might or might not still work. Brig, please would you let the Crystal see the Dome? (i.e. put James and I in touch with each other)

      1. James W

        Cheers for this, it was rereading that interview last week while I was on business that reminded me of this ridiculous plan in the first place. As I recall it was a nest of 486 PCs – and while I’m not someone who’s done that kind of emulation within, say MAME, I know it is possible to do those kinds of virtual networks now, albeit slow speeds. This is more about making sure those delights never get lost.
        I ‘think’ I’ve just found you on Twitter if that’s easier for any reason, Brig’s put my handle in the first post so all should be hunky dory.

        Now to actually ‘subscribe’ to this thread this time, forgot before

  2. D3us

    As a fan of Survivor and Big Brother, I LOVE Society Game! The fact that they win and lose together as a team is a unique take that only The Challenge has managed to do in western reality TV. But The Great Escape is becoming my go to binge tv. Escape rooms are so much fun and to make a supersized version of one and to get thrown in it, would be a dream come true.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I really wanted to like Society Game, but I baled through boredom about halfway through S1 unfortunately. I wonder if Endemol, who were part producers, are thinking of trying to sell it abroad?

  3. Mathew Palmieri

    cool…. in other news bits:
    HQ trivia uk is getting 2 new games, the already debuted HQ “sports” (hosted by tyler west)
    and a new format based on their winner take all games, “The one” (witch is a one night only game), with a prize of 5000.
    speaking of hqtrivia, disney invested stock in the game recently:
    “The Walt Disney Company has invested in mobile entertainment app HQ Trivia’s parent company Intermedia Labs, according to a source with knowledge of the deal. An Intermedia Labs spokesperson declined to comment.

    A Disney spokesperson said that the company made the investment through its Disney Accelerator program. That program is a three-month startup incubator in which Disney mentors and invests a small amount of money in 50 emerging media and entertainment companies.

    The investment is the latest example of the entertainment giant looking to evolve its business as traditional distribution outlets continue to lose ground to digital platforms and direct-to-consumer properties.”

    if you want more interesting korean variety, a 15 episode miniseries “Dunia: into a new world” just ended recently last month. it’s a lost meets Jurassic park, meets a survival show (think castaway 2000. or eden) .
    “A group of celebrities encounters a new world in the land of Dunia. In the unfamiliar world where one false move directly leads to a drastic outcome, they learn to adapt, survive, and cooperate. It’s the survival of the fittest between real-life celebrities including Jung Yoon Ho, Jung Hye Sung, Luda, Don Spike, Kwon Hyun Bin, Sam Okyere, and more.”
    almost the entire series is free on viki, with the last 2 coming soon. it has an interesting mechanic where viewers can influence the story segments on the show via live poll AKA like like a telltale game or something…
    it has a cast of around 10.


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