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By | November 6, 2018

Tuesdays, 10pm,

A bunch of celebs go to a fancy restaurant and all put their cards in the middle of the table. Between courses they play games, the winner gets to take their card back. The ultimate loser has to pay for the evening.

It’s from 12 Yard so there’s every possibility it will be boring. However they do seem to have lined up some pretty interesting and eclectic selections of guests (episode one pictured it Rylan, Ellie Taylor, Ed Gamble, Carol Vorderman and Anton du Beke, next week Tom Davis, Julian Clary, Laura Whitmore, Rachel Johnson and Chris Kamara) and hopefully it will come across as loose and funny, we’ll see.

Not sure how much discussion this will get, but if you do watch it let us know what you think in the comments.

45 thoughts on “Show Discussion: I’ll Get This

  1. Danny Kerner

    From the preview i have seen online from twitter it looks like it will be great to watch due to some “celebrities” potentially getting drunk. Also they have thought about the games & the punishment for the loser of the night.

  2. Danny Kerner

    Not bad at all. A great hidden gem of a format and very simple.

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    Well I watched this with a smile on my face but I think I expected a bit more, I didn’t laugh as much as I think I was hoping, it took a while for the celebs to warm-up/get drunk. Didn’t think the games were especially unique or brilliant (text your friends, The Lyrics Board, guessing who tweets were about, although the final was decently tense), but I could see it being a fun thing to do at an actual dinner table.

    Ironically I think it could have done with slightly less game and slightly more conversation. Will probably keep on watching though as long as the guests are entertaining.

    I wonder what ballpark figure the appearance fee is.

    1. Chris M. Dickson

      I was wondering that too. My guess is at least £500 – £1,000. At least.

  4. Chris M. Dickson

    I’m just looking at the 12 Yard Productions category on and… well. This is up there with Who Dares Wins as my favourite 12 Yard show, but that’s saying much less than it sounds like it ought to be.

    This is very decent indeed and feels like a format that might work around the world, possibly the sort of thing that might even be in the frame for Rose d’Or consideration. It’s a very light, squiffy sort of House of Games. Everyone’s having a good time and I don’t think that even the person on the receiving end of the Credit Card not-Roulette will mind too much; sure, on this occasion the loser was a nominal £589 down, but I would be very surprised if the celebs weren’t receiving a fee for taking part, on top of the probably-free meal, and quite surprised (considering the calibre of celebs involved) if the fee weren’t enough to cover at least the very vast majority of the bill. Fingers crossed for different games in future weeks, but they don’t need to be desperately different from the sort of silliness we had this week.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Amusingly all day, in my head, without having seen any of it, it felt like The New Come Dine With Me. Having watched it I’m not sure I can quite see that.

  5. John R

    I actually think they missed a trick in that rather than ‘appear’ to pay the bill for everyone they could have been given the total and would have had to donate that to a charity of their choice

  6. Tom H

    I really liked it – a diverting half-hour (even if there wasn’t anything wildly original in there), easy to follow, nicely shot and crucially, didn’t feel like a 12 Yard production – which is the biggest compliment I could pay it.

  7. Dan

    That was fun, did have some taskmaster vibes, could see that sausage game being a task in taskmaster. This was fun and could see it being a hit, do hope for some variety in the games.

    1. Jack P

      Funnily enough the live task on tonight’s Taskmaster final did involve sausages.

    1. David B

      Oof, that’s a shame, as I liked the concept. But I agree with your analysis – probably one game too many, and not enough excuses for celebby bantz about other things.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I find this fascinating given that the numbers for these sorts of things have been dropping for a while now. I always thought they’d be a bit flash in the pan, so it will intriguing to see how Confetti does.

        1. Tom H

          Continuous growth was probably unrealistic – and not all markets took to it (HQ’s German spin-off closed soon after launch, for instance). I notice News UK is persisting with its copycat Q Live game, despite fairly poor traction.

          What sort of numbers is HQ UK doing these days? The incessant notifications were enough to stop me playing.

          1. David B

            I think this whole “stop your day and do this” thing is inevitably flawed. We’ve invented iPlayer and its like so that we don’t have to let media interrupt our day – we can consume it at a time and place (and device) to suit us. These quizzes are a backwards step, and the format they use is pretty flawed all told.

            I have ways and means that I think will solve most of these problems, but anyone wanting to know them can send me a cheque for 100 grand to the usual address…

          2. TVs Michael Harmstone

            I was shocked when I came back from 2.5 weeks away to see that the audience had dropped from ~100k to 20k on the first game back. It seems to be hovering around 40-50k now.

          3. Tom H

            That’s a fairly hefty drop-off.

            Another thought: I wonder if the themed games are hurting those numbers – games which seem to be increasingly esoteric. Tomorrow night they’re doing 12 questions on memes of the last week, so bye bye older players.

          4. Steve

            In re: David, For what it’s worth, I play HQ and Confetti nightly. I miss the 3pm HQ games because I’m at work, but I do the 9pm HQ game, which wraps up neatly before the 9:30pm Confetti game. So at least for me in the EST, those games are at times when I’m already winding down at the end of the day anyway.

      1. Steve

        It’s roughly the same, format-wise. HQ usually asks 12 three-choice questions, Confetti usually asks 13. Perfect players split the pot. Probably the biggest difference in Confetti is that you can see your friends lock in their answers in real-time (give or take a second), so you can sorta cheat off of your smarter friends (which is admittedly how I’ve won most of my earnings). I don’t think it’s any better or worse of a show, but I’ve won a lot more in Confetti (and more often) than I have in HQ.

  8. David B

    Oh, that’s interesting that it’s from the same team as Hunted. This has been trailed for the last 3-4 weeks on Sky.

    For all the success of Hunted, I kinda wish there was room for something more self-contained where a different group do the ‘job’ each week and have (say) 24 hours to flee, more like the original Wanted. Stringing it out to six episodes/two weeks feels more realistic but… harder work for the viewer, especially with another series of Celeb Hunted just out of the door.

  9. Brig Bother Post author

    The IQTV app is now available on devices. The IQTV Twitter currently has 44 followers.

    How long will it last?

    1. Alex McMillan

      It’s a real shame, because I don’t think anyone is going to try “quiz show streaming” again, because they will point to IQTV as a failure.

      Perhaps our best bet is Netflix simply absorbing that content

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        I don’t think anyone is going to try quiz show streaming as a standalone subscription service, because as much as people like to quiz, it tends to be rather ephemeral to most people and they certainly won’t pay for it. Yes I would suspect the best bet is for something like Netflix to absorb it, but I still wouldn’t guarantee big numbers.

        Intrigued to see if Netflix get any more Jeopardy in.

  10. Danny Kerner

    Same games by the look of it but different order except the final head to head which is a memory game.

  11. Chris M. Dickson

    At least a couple of episodes of this have been repeated recently as “I’ll Get This – Extra Helping” and are available on iPlayer. They have been edited to around 45 minutes and the placing feels very natural. This is quite different to the sort of thing I really like (Steph McGovern, in particular, acts up in a way that I would raise my eyebrows at if she were not, like me, a T-T-Teessider, but it is hilarious and authentic in context) and I don’t know if the show did well enough to earn a second series but these retreats have to be some sort of good sign.

    1. Matt Clemson

      A little bit delighted by that, I have to say; I think this was one of the most *pleasant* new series to crop up this year. A second run with some light tweaking will be lovely.

      I’ll be interested to see if they stick with the 45-min format, I do think it flowed a bit better.

      1. Jonathan

        I vaguely remember not being too interested in this at the time. But then caught one of the 45 minute repeats, and maybe it was better timing in a schedule, the flow of it seemed better, but I enjoyed it. I probably wasn’t going to make a major effort to watch it, but it definitely was enjoyable to watch. Nice tone and funny.

        1. Brandon Martin-Moore

          I wonder if the 45 minute versions had already been done, or if they were made after some people suggested it would benefit from being longer. This sort of thing has been done before with QI XL and Have I Got a Bit More News for You, obviously.

          1. Danny Lee Kerner

            They were already planned but were to be held off until later that year. However, they did get lost in the scheduling until now. I have heard rumblings that the show will be 45 minutes going forward as standard due to how much good content was originally cut. The 30 mins were dipping the toe in the water scenario.

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