Just one day left to vote!

By | January 10, 2019

In what people will surely come to suggest is the most important vote of a generation, the UKGS.C/BB Poll of the Year 2018 closes tomorrow (Friday) night. No sitting on the fence, now.

Results likely week beginning 20th Jan as I’ve recently discovered I don’t have this weekend free to write the results up. I have no idea what is winning, all the ballots have been immediately moved to a special folder, so I look forward to reading your comments in due course.

9 thoughts on “Just one day left to vote!

    1. David

      Mental Samurai premieres in the US on Feb 26th:


      (no HHAQC here, unfortunately)

      and Fox is doing the ol’ “rushing a copycat show on to mimic a new format” gambit- since CBS is doing US Love Island, they’re bringing back their old show Paradise Hotel- which last aired about 12 years ago…(though technically USA is beating them both to the punch with their new version of Temptation Island, which starts next week, though the first ep is already up on Youtube)…

      1. jon

        I have seen a short clip of Mental Samurai when I was in the states over Christmas and it lives up to it’s name – mental. Contestant gets 5 mins to answer question whilst being flung around by a robot arm. Interested to see what a full ep looks like.

        1. Chris M. Dickson

          Pity. It featured Brig making a cracking “ACTUAL SPECTRUM SCREEN SHOTS” joke about a game whose cover, well…

  1. Tom H

    Of passing interest, TF1 are doing an ITV and relaunching ‘Qui veut gagner des millions’ after a few years’ break – with a new host, Camille Combal. The producers have also settled on a ‘lolz’ *cough* handover – where Combal will be Jean-Pierre Foucault’s final contestant next Saturday, and Foucault Combal’s first the following week.

    1. Brandon

      I saw the trailer for this a few weeks ago, and I wish ITV had done a similar thing with Tarrant and Clarkson. Quite a few versions of Millionaire are relaunching, probably partly because of the success of the UK version and because a lot of international versions that started earlier are reaching the 20th anniversary. Oddly, the Italians actually jumped the gun with their specials as their version didn’t start til 2000.


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