Game Night 14 is looking for panellists

By | February 11, 2019

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around.
Love is in the air, every sight and every sound.

But especially love is in the air this Saturday with the Valentines-and-a-bit Bother’s Bar Game Night, where we will be working through a relationship through the medium of Jackbox, starting with dating (Monster Seeking Monster) all the way through to wanting to kill each other (Trivia Murder Party), culminating with an arbitrary final where we will find out who is the most compatible.

That’s right, it’s “concept”. And if you want to be part of that “concept” then please hit me up, on here or @ me on Twitter. Of course, the audience will be playing along too in the hope of homewrecking.

It’s all going to be good clean(ish) fun, so apply now!

12 thoughts on “Game Night 14 is looking for panellists

  1. Crimsonshade

    I can’t wait to see the kind of games you’ve tied into this running theme. It sure sounds like a genius concept!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I wouldn’t get too excited, it concerns the selection and order more than anything else.

      This being said, look out for an EXCITING REPURPOSING of an existing game sometime during the night.

    1. David

      “more questions than any other ITV quiz show”
      How many does The Chase go through on average- about 100 a show or thereabouts?

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        If we say 10 questions per 60 seconds (which is a conservative estimate) in the timed rounds, that’s 80 right there. Five each at the table would make 100.

      2. Weaver

        The Chase has about 10 in each cashbuilder, an average of 6 at the table, around 25 in the contestants’ final chase, typically 20-30 for the Chaser. And four questions called “how much money are you playing for?” Call it 100-125 per episode.

        Why does this work? There’s light and shade in the game. Bradley is a speed demon when he needs to be, and the game relaxes during the head-to-head sequences. And that allows us to see the personalities of the contestants, and builds rapport with the chasers.

        100 questions on the half-hour 100%, slightly more on any format of Fifteen-to-One (Dame Sandi spends 20 minutes talking to people, and it’s a very different show from William G Stewart). In its first series, Jeff Spelling’s Alphabetical had about 160 questions per episode, and look what happened to *that*.

        To have more questions than any other ITV quiz ever, this new show has got to beat Sale of the Century. It would typically cram 100 quiz questions into its *half-hour* slot, plus some “want to buy this incredible bargain?” questions. The show only worked because Nicholas Parsons is a legend.

      1. Brandon

        It’s 2 different games in same way the Chase is, with quick-fire rounds and multiple choice rounds. Are ITV finally taking the sensible option of making something similarly paced to the Chase as a replacement for it?

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          No, this is different – The Chases rounds feed into each other, this is more like Fluke in that how well you’re doing is largely irrelevant to the elimination bits.


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