Hey Tracey!

By | February 26, 2019

Coming to ITV2.

If our celebrities don’t know the answer to Joel’s unusual questions, they can say “Hey Tracey!” and enlist the help of his very own virtual assistant. But forget your high-end Silicon Valley artificial intelligence – Tracey was thrown together by some sixth formers in the late 90’s as part of their technology coursework… and she can usually be found tucking into a pie or painting her nails.  

Apropos of nothing:

3 thoughts on “Hey Tracey!

  1. Chris M. Dickson


    I’ve probably watched it every three or four years since it was first posted somewhere online in around 2002, but I still think Malcolm is a top-quarter show at the very least. Maybe I just like the name…

  2. David

    2 bits of info-

    -A Pointless bloopers special is scheduled for the week of 3/9 (it says unplaced, but I suspect it’ll be that Saturday)

    -BBC Scotland has Wonderball starting the 11th (no time yet- but it’s scheduled Monday-Thursday)


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