This year’s most anticipated series finale…

By | May 21, 2019

…the final part of Actual Real TV Developer Ben Justice’s Top 100 UK Gameshows Of All Time is being delayed by a week so he can give it the best possible ending and edit. And he can’t decide the order.

We hope you are not too disappointed and that it should be worth it.

16 thoughts on “This year’s most anticipated series finale…

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    More Luna videos after this series finishes, please, Ben. 🙂

  2. Brandon

    This is more exciting than the finale of De Mol, Game of Thrones and Race Across the World combined. Or something.

  3. David

    US Love Island has an air date- July 9 to August 7, 5 days a week (M-F at 8pm here, which is very strange). I don’t think there’s a lot of middle ground- it’ll either be a massive hit or a fiasco.

    USBB starts June 25th BTW- still 3 eps a week.

      1. David

        That might be why it’s only 4 weeks (it’s about double that over there, right?)- and even if they aired it at 9pm or even 10pm, it won’t be as wild as the UK since we’re so prudish about nudity and sexual situations, at least on over-the-air TV.

        The tone is going to be absolutely key- it’s going to have to be extremely light-hearted (and I wouldn’t be shocked if they try to get the UK narrator to pull double duty). USBB has become Survivor in a house; they can’t do Love Survivor with this, it just doesn’t work.

    1. Brandon

      Love Island only really works in the UK because it’s nostalgia for a trashier kind of TV, thing is that never really went away in America.

  4. Kniwt

    Short promos for the upcoming U.S. revivals of Press Your Luck (with all the original sfx) and Card Sharks (aka Play Your Cards Right):

    1. David B

      Hmm, I hope not. At least, not without a lot of changes. The show was treading water for the last 2-3 years, and those pulsing light panels at the back of the room really got on my nerves.

      Does the world need another recipe for Kedgeree or Eton Mess? Maybe it could work if they take a flavour of Chopped and put in more challenging ingredients. The question is… wasn’t 2,000 episodes enough?

    2. Brandon

      You’re nearly 2 months late for April Fool’s. I remember something along those lines coming up in the Stool Pigeon several months back now, but it’s so unlikely now as there’s no cookery shows in daytime now as far as I know.

    1. Kniwt

      Sigh. Looks like this is a “stunt.”

      “As it turns out, the entire saga is a stunt being pulled by Gleeson in a bid to score himself an elusive Gold Logie.

      The story began unravelling on Friday, when the ABC issued a statement in response to Tom’s, claiming they were just as miffed as anyone else.

      Things became much, much clearer yesterday when Gold Logie nominations were revealed, with Gleeson confirming he “sacked himself” and is now holding the show hostage until he wins the Gold Logie, after which the show will be released from his clutches and allowed to go back to air as normal.”


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