Fort Boyard and VPNs

By | June 22, 2019

Don’t forget! Fort Boyard starts on France 2 tonight at 8pm UK. You’ll likely need a VPN to watch live, or hopefully they’ll be putting them up officially on Youtube later on this evening. Our discussion page is here.

Speaking of VPNs, I fear too many services are catching on to Tunnelbear which has done me well over the years, but my sub runs out end of June. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don’t mind paying money. Sounds like Express VPN and NordVPN are well regarded.

9 thoughts on “Fort Boyard and VPNs

  1. Clive Of Legend

    Nord got patchy for me a few months ago, had to switch over to ExpressVPN. Haven’t had much trouble with it so far.

  2. Karen

    Episodes do seem to be going on Youtube, first episode already up.

  3. Matt Clemson

    I posted briefly on Twitter that I was having difficulties with Windscribe, but that may have just been France 2’s site not liking Firefox for some reason; when I switched to Opera, I had a perfect stream throughout.

    You’ll still get much more reliability and functionality out of a paid option, of course, but for people who only want Fort Boyard and the occasional Schlag, Windscribe’s free option still seems to be adequate.

    It’s just a shame Holland and Belgium aren’t also covered by the free settings!

  4. Greg Lowe

    Yes another vote for Express VPN here. It’s pricey but works a treat

  5. Tom H

    Throwing another option into the mix, Unlocator seems to do the business.

  6. Rose

    I use NordVPN, and I haven’t noticed any “patchiness” like @Clive Of Legend mentioned. I just finished watching The Umbrella Academy ep 8 on Netflix US in high quality, and there were no buffering or stops :/ …and back to the theme : Looking forward to seeing Maëva Coucke on 29 of June… This is show is epic and immortal, and it’s a must-see. If someone doesn’t know where to get a VPN, this is with 75% here. It might look for other options, it’s just my suggestion


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