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I haven’t watched this yet, but here’s an early playing of Trivia Murder Party 2, coming up in this autumn’s Jackbox Party Pack 6. Looking forward to Game Nighting with it.

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  1. Pacdude

    “Back in the day” loses its meaning when “the day” is 3 years ago.

  2. Matt Clemson

    Liking the change to the endgame, that should make it even more ridiculously tense. I forsee more screaming at the screen and perhaps some more come-from-behind victories as a result!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yep the main takeaways from that are:

      * Many new games. And some returnees.
      * You might come across objects that help you, as well as hinder you.
      * It looks like towards the end, the player out front gets all three options in the Final Chase. I didn’t quite make out the exact rules, but still.

      1. Tom B.

        So based on what I see, when the leader is less than 3 spaces away from the Exit, a barrier is created. In order to escape, the leader also gets the 3rd option and must get all 3 answers correct on a question to break the barrier.

    1. Simon F

      I’ve been watching this as I subscribe to his channel (which is mainly him playing GeoGuessr incredibly well). One of those ones where you wonder why you are watching it but is quite addictive to watch.

    2. Chris M. Dickson

      Noooooo the series hasn’t finished yet! Entertaining stuff so far, though.

      A bit of research suggests that the format to which you refer is New Zealand’s Going Straight, but that it met a sticky end due to safety violations. However, the company behind it is rather interesting; not only did they devise the modestly interesting high-profile global flop The Chair, they also devised a (mostly local) show called Treasure Island which might be considered the missing link between Expedition Robinson and Survivor. I wonder if it’s available online? (…though not hard enough to actually go and look for it, evidently)

      1. Alex

        Good Lord, I remember Going Straight! It was on Challenge around 2003 I’d think?

      2. Brig Bother Post author

        The Aussie version of Treasure Island was shown on Channel 5, and it was actually pretty good fun I thought. There was also an Irish version.

        There were something like twenty million series of NZ Treasure Island, but it became less of a treasure hunting thing and more of a straight vote-off thing, unfortunately.

        I think calling The Chair a flop is a bit unfair, it actually did pretty well in the several countries it sold to – several series at least, and the French version was still A Thing even a few years ago.

        1. Chris M. Dickson

          I’m not seeing that for The Chair. The French show got three series, which I would agree makes their version Not A Flop. I don’t see that many other versions of it got more than a minimal commission, though. UK, clearly not. US, cancelled early. Germany? Nein. Japan? Two episodes, I think. Korea? One series, as late as 2012. Bulgaria? Apparently it’s a village of 280 people, not a game show. And so on, and so on; the prosecution rests. It gets credit for getting a great deal of commissions, but only the French one appears to have stuck at all. I’d much rather live in the world where 1000 Heartbeats was the heartbeat control show that made it around the world, with a nod to the Russian version, but there we are.

          A different question: if you had to set an arbitrary pass-fail borderline for declaring a show A Hit or A Flop – thinking only in terms of keeping people in work for the long haul – where would you set the boundary? Wherever you set the boundary, it will be painful for those who made glorious critical successes that did not find popularity with the mass audience (or that did find popularity but were short-lived for other dumb reasons) and for those who loved those shows; wherever you set the boundary, there will be some collateral damage, but not that hasn’t been felt already.

          Something that was intended to be recommissioned but never did so would be clearly A Flop, and I suspect I would put my borderline with two series on one side and three series on the other. (If you’re energetic, you can extend this to Hit, Miss or Maybe by declaring two borderlines, but I am not.)

          1. Brandon

            There are a lot of bad formats that seem to only have one series in many of the countries they get picked up in,and that’s because the UK or America (or another country’s influential in media) pick it up, and the job of selling it gets easier the more countries pick it up as a channel is likely to say “wow, look at all the countries it’s been picked up in, it must be good”

          2. Brig Bother Post author

            In my head, Zone Rouge ran for ages and ages, but the evidence suggests clearly not. Also in my head The Chair did two series in the UK, but clearly that’s wrong as well.

            I have arbitrarily decided that a success is a show that gets 2+ series in its country of origin and 2+ series in 2+ other countries. Not A Hit if it gets one series but sells. Flop if it doesn’t even do that. But whilst that’s a good rule of thumb it doesn’t take into account expectation, although perhaps it also kind of does.

            If anyone would like to dispute that, do direct your messages to the bin.

          3. Des Elmes

            I recently read about Ant and Dec’s Slap Bang again – and that was very definitely A Flop, wasn’t it?

            None of its six episodes made ITV’s weekly top 30 (thank you, BARB archives), and the last one aired before 6pm, with the original 7pm slot subsequently taken up by Bruce’s Price is Right (obviously not A Flop, even though it was on its last legs by then).

            And I certainly haven’t read anything about it being sold to other countries.

          4. Brandon

            Let’s test this with The People Versus, widely considered to be a flop. That got 2 series here in the UK, bur the second series is do different to the first that it’s not really the same thing at all. It got several international versions, the Russian version was quite successful from what I can find,and not much information at all exists on the other versions beyond the Wikipedia page. There was a Bulgarian version as late as 2009. Another surprisingly internationally successful (if you just measure it by countries sold to) is The Brainiest, what we had here as Britain’s Brainiest [insert profession.] Both of those can be put down to the international presence and respect Celador got with Millionaire. That’s the sort of reason some formats sell worldwide, because the company is very good as selling the format when it’s not actually they good, just look at Money Pump for example.

    3. Chris M. Dickson

      Speaking of which, the fifth and final episode of that has been published, so the whole story is available to see. If you want some highly creative trespassing and delightfully colourful invective, highly recommended.

      (“Ahhhh me spuds!”)


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