Pointless is 10 today!

By | August 24, 2019

Normally this sort of thing warrants some sort of special episode, or some media blitz, or anything. Instead we only knew when Richard Osman sent out this rather cryptic tweet:

Congratulations to Rose d’Or winner and Bother’s Bar favourite Pointless, which to this day has basically flopped in very country outside of the UK. Who can say why that is? We’ve pointed out in the past that it’s probably the most quintessentially British quiz show of the past twenty years.

Why not relive what we first thought of Pointless immediately after episode one by scrolling down to August 24th 2009 in The Cellar? Unfortunately the reader comments are lost to time. There was also a review of a Series 1 recording July 31st by Mart S of still occasional posting fame.

We now read there’s a Switch adaptation coming in November. If that’s true look out for a Bother’s Bar Plays Badly in due course!

4 thoughts on “Pointless is 10 today!

  1. Des Elmes

    I can’t see it lasting another ten years – and it’ll be interesting to see whether or not it gets back into the Golden Five, too.

    Nonetheless, happy UKGS Long-Running Category Qualification Day to Xander, Richard and the Pointless team.

  2. Mart with a Y not an I (of occasional posting fame)

    Happy Birthday, Pointless.
    Just remember who gave you a glowing write-up in your first formative year/series, eh?


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