Bother’s Bar Game Night 16: Jackbox 6 Champion of Champions

By | October 18, 2019

Saturday, 9pm,
Here and on Youtube

That’s right! It’s October which means Jackbox have released another compilation of party games and we’ll be getting in on the action with Bother’s Bar Game Night 16! As ever, first dibs on playing are champions of Game Night, both moral and actual (which this edition includes THE AUDIENCE, although you would have been invited anyway) as well as other champions of Bother’s Bar related things or otherwise. Watch us live on Youtube and on a second screen, go to and enter the room codes to play.

Here are our predicted times for games tomorrow, Drawful 2 and/or Quiplash might be dropped if we’re overrunning:

  • 9pm: Opening Ceremony
  • 9:05pm: Dictionarium
  • 9:25pm: Joke Boat
  • 9:55pm: Push the Button
  • 10:20pm: Trivia Murder Party 2
  • 10:45pm: Drawful 2
  • 11:05pm: Quiplash
  • 11:25pm: Arbitrary Final

We’re guessing a bit here. However if you’re wondering about Role Models, don’t panic. Five minutes after the show ends I’ll be starting a Game Night Extra stream for it (as it doesn’t fit into the traditional Game Night format), and we’ll be hoping to show off things in Game Night Extra in the future going forward.

Save The Wall for iPlayer. I hope you can join us!

8 thoughts on “Bother’s Bar Game Night 16: Jackbox 6 Champion of Champions

  1. Andrew, the Yank

    The Champion of Champions shall champion champions to the Champions’ championship!

  2. Will Stephen

    Please watch for the inevitable me getting the first question wrong and dying in Trivia Murder Party.

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    Really enjoyed that, in with the top 3 Game Nights I reckon. All four of the games played make the cut into the rotation, as predicted Push the Button and TMP2 were the favourites, but Dictionarium surprisingly funny and Joke Boat is a game with potential.

    Quizudo (Quizudon’t) worked much better than anticipated, was worried we’d be spending forever bidding up in single increments which is why there was a clock (the mystery time limit was five minutes btw) but it was never really needed.

    I was aware there was chat in comments about the international land border question being wrong, I basically took it from here: so I’m happy to accept culpability if it’s wrong. I tried to write estimated guess questions that weren’t too dry, but I’m also too lazy to verify the answers, which is terrible I know, but also the reason the Dame Barbara Cartland question wasn’t Stephen King as nobody seems to be sure what counts as a novel of his or not. It’s also a pity we couldn’t get a simple answer for “How many loos in The Louvre?” as that’s a funny question and basically had to count signs on the official map (, a search of “combien toillettes Musee de Louvre” doesn’t turn up anything, unfortunately.

  4. Andrew, the Yank

    For the record, while yes, I did turn out to be an alien, I stand by my NYC answer. That’s why I was so vehement, even though in hindsight it was probably not the best strategy.

  5. Chris M. Dickson

    I enjoyed this over the last couple of days. The latest Jackbox’s games’ music is notably good. Wasn’t a fan of the Joke Boat format but the rest were fun. Quizudo was very good, though I think that it needs a minimum raise size rule, perhaps 5% of the previous guess (rounded up to the nearest convenient amount). I hope that the Christmas edition is all Arbitrary Finals (and might be prepared to help with the question writing to those extent).

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Not Xmas, no, I don’t think the live audience would appreciate it. But maybe a special spin-off episode around episode 20, Ellen’s Game of Games style.

      I will EXCLUSIVELY reveal that something *may* be returning for Xmas though…


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