Upcoming excitement

By | November 4, 2019
  • It’s Schlag den Star this weekend! Sound issues permitting, join us for a Watchalong this Saturday night from 7:15.
  • Wie is De Mol 2020 starts on January 4th. Hopefully subbed!

Finally, I’ve put an Amazon affiliate search box at the bottom of the sidebar. We’ll get a small cut if you buy anything through it. Other shops are available. Happy Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Upcoming excitement

  1. James

    Small note for the calendar. Next Schlag den Star after this Saturday is on the 14th December.

  2. David

    Interesting news from Japan if I’m reading this right- Run for Money is doing a special 15th Anniversary show on the 23rd, and instead of using Japanese celebs, the players will be regular fans of the show…


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