Rat Race

By | December 17, 2019

Still looking for Game Night contestants for Thursday and Friday, please apply and I’ll let you know if you’re in on Wednesday night.

In other news a couple of people have bought this up (I’ve yet to watch it), professonal no-money traveller Simon Wilson’s Youtube channel has Done A Thing with people racing to Monaco with no money to try and win £5,000, Race Across the World meets Lost. Here’s episode one.

5 thoughts on “Rat Race

    1. David

      And Antena 3 is actually paying ITV Studios for the rights…Mediaset is probably going to regret what they tried to do…

      1. Brandon

        The thing is, I still think the format is so different as to be counted as a complete separate thing legally.

        1. David B

          That maybe so, but two things. If the Alphabet Game hadn’t existed, neither would have P. Therefore, isn’t it right that the originators of the original idea should profit? Second, when you licence an idea, often there is a clause in there that says that anything you create is automatically subsumed into the original format. (For instance, I think Mole games devised by one country are become part of the ‘format bible’ for any other countries to use, should they wish.) This stops people from changing 20% and then claiming it’s an original idea. Furthermore, it means the two countries can share their knowledge amicably.


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