Poll of the Year: The RESULTS!

By | January 21, 2020

LIVE, here tonight at 9pm (and on Youtube)

You’re advised to read the write-up at UKGameshows.com before checking out the statistics! I’ll hide them under a cut.

Right, quick word on methodology – now we’re on a strict one-vote-to-a-show basis the percentage is the amount of ballots the show turns up on, regardless of incomplete ballots (of which there were a lot). People could vote for up to five shows in each category.

1The Wall46.5
2Race Across the World38.4
The Hit List38.4
5The Family Brain Games33.7
8In For a Penny22.1
9Supermarket Sweep17.4
10Head Hunters14.0
RuPaul’s Drag Race14.0
12Killer Camp9.3
13Al Murray’s Great British Pub Quiz8.1
Test Drive5.8
17Comedians Giving Lectures4.7
Small Fortune4.7
The Switch4.7
Y Siambr4.7
Pants on Fire3.5
The Cash Machine3.5
The Greatest Dancer3.5
There’s Something About Movies3.5
1Small Fortune36.0
2The Switch31.4
3Head Hunters22.1
4Hey Tracey18.6
5In For a Penny17.4
6The Wall16.3
7The Greatest Dancer14.0
The Hit List14.0
9Supermarket Sweep11.6
The Hangover Games11.6
Pants on Fire10.5
13Take Off10.5
14Killer Camp9.3
15The Cash Machine8.1
Glow Up3.5
Interior Design Masters3.5
The Rap Game3.5
There’s Something About Movies3.5
1Only Connect53.5
2The Chase34.9
4RO’s House of Games27.9
5Who Wants to be a Millionaire25.6
9Race Across the World14.0
The Circle14.0
11The Crystal Maze12.8
Tipping Point12.8
13Cash Trapped11.6
The Wall11.6
University Challenge7.0
185 Gold Rings5.8
Strictly Come Dancing5.8
The £100k Drop5.8
Would I Lie to You5.8
22Rupaul’s Drag Race4.7
The Family Brain Games4.7
The Hit List4.7
Who Dares Wins4.7

Here is everything I felt legitimate that got a vote on the New Media Five, if you proposed something that’s not here I probably disqualified it. Howveer, plenty here to peruse at your leisure:

1The Game Garage17.4
2Fingers on Buzzers14.0
5The Birthday Game5.8
6Bother’s Bar Game Night4.7
11HQ Trivia2.3
12Nailed It2.3
13Chain Bear’s F1 Quiz Time Variety Showcase1.2
Royal Flush’s Danger Zone1.2
Dick and Dom’s Cash From Chaos1.2
Do The Right Thing1.2
Forged in Fire1.2
Game Show Marathon1.2
Gameshow Gumbo1.2
Hardcore Tabletop1.2
Hey Riddle Riddle1.2
Mysterious Monsters1.2
Ash the Bash’s Quiz Night1.2
Reality TV Warriors1.2
Simon Wilson’s Rat Race1.2
The Totem Pole1.2

Finally the results of the Live Polling:

Was 2019 better or worse than 2018 for game shows?
Better: 44%
Worse: 33%
The same: 22%

Which channel/broadcaster has made the game shows you enjoy most?
BBC1: 28%
BBC2: 26%
ITV1/2/3/4: 24%
Dave: 15%

What is your favourite mini-genre of game show?
Action adventure: 28%
Everyman quiz: 24%
Hard/academic quiz: 20%
Family game show: 11%

What is your favourite TV production company?
EndemolShine: 31%
ITV Studios: 29%
Banijay: 13%
Mighty: 6%

When you watch shows on catchup, which of these time-saving habits do you do REGULARLY? (Tick ALL that apply)
Skip the adverts: 82%
Skip the intro: 43%
Fast forward: 25%

What do you think when shows like Bake Off and Taskmaster are bought out by a rival broadcaster?
I don’t like it, but I’ll cope: 67%
It’s a kick in the teeth for loyal viewers: 21%
Usually the new channel provides better
opportunities: 13%

What do you MOST miss about game shows of the past, compared to modern shows?
I don’t miss anything: 20%
Better celebrity guests: 18%
Prizes instead of cash: 14%
Theme tunes with real instruments: 14%
Sets with moving parts: 8%

Which of these recent one-series wonders would you bring back for another go?
The Exit List: 19%
5 Minutes to a Fortune: 14%
Armchair Detectives: 12%
The Bubble: 12%

Which statement do you agree with most? “TV commissioners for legacy channels…”
“…are doing an OK job within a broadcast medium that’s declining”: 75%
“…are good at picking the best ideas offered to them, on the whole”: 16%
“…are doing a poor job, and are losing the battle with on-line”: 10%

Elevator pitch – in 10 words or fewer, sell us a show idea that you think should be on TV in 2020.

  • Double or nothing – right answer x2, wrong answer lose all
  • Whittle revival
  • Noel Edmonds & Hacker T Dog’s Bullseye
  • Most cash loses, at the end, most cash wins
  • Victoria Coren Mitchell calls me smart and makes me cookies
  • This show will NOT contain Louis Spence
  • Britain’s Next Top Luna
  • Something like the chase but the chasers are stupid people.
  • Blockbusters again, but on QVC Beauty or somewhere…
  • The Masked Eurovision Song Contest
  • Friends Like These revamp with Rochelle and Marvin
  • Revive Unbeatable Banzuke (Under Pressure) for UK television
  • VR inspired rooms with bluescreen
  • Nan is stuck in an escape room again!
  • The Mole UK
  • Pit wannabe gamers to join a professional gaming team
  • Trivia game to claim squares on one spin of roulette
  • UK revival of Jeopardy!
  • Someone answers as many questions as possible in 200 seconds
  • Telly Addicts meets Gogglebox
  • Rob Curling, coloured balls and a swimming pool. Hang on…
  • Beauties and the Beast; reality/quiz crossover
  • People standing on a wobbly bridge; fall off & you lose

HIDDEN GEM AWARD – Which of the new minor shows do you think deserves special recognition?
Wonderball: 42%
The Cash Machine: 16%
Snackmasters: 12%
Gigglequiz: 9%
Test Drive: 5%

Than ks for all your contributions, and we’ll see you next year!

6 thoughts on “Poll of the Year: The RESULTS!

  1. Greg

    The worst show I happened to see was Pants on Fire. However I don’t think enough people will have seen it to vote. So much I could say about this awful show.

    Also I voted for some shows on the Hall of Fame that I don’t think enough people will have watched though fully expect Race Across the World to do well.

    For the first time ever I voted for a cooking show, in fact 2 in the hall of fame category. However pritty certain they are not the type of thing that will gain votes here.

    I almost voted for Head Hunters but feel the format needs a bit of a tweak as I found the show far less entertaining when the pot was low.

  2. David B

    Bit disappointed “Killer Camp” wasn’t mentioned anywhere during the hour, as I had a hilarious joke lined up (“the show that gave a new meaning to the phrase ‘dick for brains'”).

    Thanks for voting, everyone!

    1. Alex McMillan

      Especially shocking that of all the new shows ITV2 had this year, the only one to get a mention on EITHER list was ‘Hey Tracey’

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    We’ve discovered that trimming the set-up delay borks the live chat replay, so I’m currently un-trimming it. When that’s done, you’ll want to jump to about four minutes in for the event to start.

  4. Chris B

    Well wasn’t that all lovely. Always love the poll results, nothing more to say except well done everyone!

  5. Alex McMillan

    2019 really felt like a bit of a slow burn. I must say I’m very surprised Supermarket Sweep didn’t crack either Top 5, given how prevalent it was during the year.


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