Nicholas Parsons

By | January 28, 2020

We’ve just heard about the death of Just a Minute host Nicholas Parsons at the age of 96.

Has there ever been anyone still regularly broadcasting at that age? Incredible.

8 thoughts on “Nicholas Parsons

  1. Tantusar

    Can we scrap this decade and start over, please? A terrible loss for broadcasting and the world.

  2. Chris B

    Big big Just a Minute fan, so a sad day for me.

    Got a classic collection of 20+ episodes from Audible recently from across the years and it’s so interesting to see how he evolved as chair over the years, very strict in the old days, to a figure of fun now who took it in great strides. I was never that keen on him as a kid, but have grown to appreciate him more as I’ve gotten older. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nicholas’s book from about five years ago called “Welcome to Just A Minute”, if you have any passing interest in the show. A history only Nicholas himself could write.

    Also worth checking out his recent RHLSTP podcast with Richard Herring. Think it’s on YouTube. Still sharp as a tack even outside the relative comfort of Just A Minute.

    And for the future of JAM itself? Probably not worth dwelling on much today – however are there any eps still in the can from him? Not totally up to date, but I’m sure some were recorded at the end of last year. I suspect Gyles Brandreth has been prepped as chairman in waiting, given his recent stints at relieving Nicholas, (either that or the dreaded “Guest Hosts”). If so, hope he is given the freedom to make it his own (copyright Louis Walsh), given they would be taking away one of the stronger panellists.

    RIP Nicholas Parsons

  3. Erling Garriock

    He will be sorely missed. I wonder if they’ll retire Just a Minute? Can’t imagine who’d replace him as chair.

    As for other broadcasters, Attenborough is nearly 94, so he’s getting close. Can’t imagine there are many on that list though.

    1. Matt Clemson

      William Russell is still performing the role of Ian Chesterson in Doctor Who in audio at 95 years old, and shiwing little signs of stopping.

  4. Joshua Woo

    Johnny Gilbert, announcer for the American Jeopardy!, is still announcing the show at 95.

  5. Steve Williams

    It’s a bit of a loose definition of broadcasting but June Spencer is still in The Archers aged 100.

    Of course, the final of that episode of Sale of the Century is often wheeled out on clip shows thanks to Nick’s endless badgering of Elizabeth regarding the mink coat, but if you watch the whole thing you’ll note Elizabeth can’t actually win the mink coat, or indeed any of the prizes, as she doesn’t have enough money. Not that it stops Nick, who then calls her decision to come back the following week “courageous”.

    1. Chris M. Dickson

      On an ever-so-slightly-sour point of pedantry, Elizabeth takes £29 into the Sale of the Century, so she could have afforded the £26.00 music system or the much-maligned £28.75 mink – though, as you say, the other prizes on offer required a second visit.

      Maybe not the time to mention it, but Keith Chegwin doesn’t get the recognition he deserves for his own very good version of the Sale, for which he was a surprisingly good fit.


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