Perhaps interestingly…

By | February 18, 2020

…or perhaps not, it looks like Celebrity Game Night is returning with ten more episodes being filmed in March at Elstree (Tickets SRO).

The first series didn’t seem to do particularly well as I recall, and I found the Brits playing at being American aspect a bit odd, but there you go, knock yourselves out.

Speaking of Game Nights, keep March 7th free in your diaries for the next Bother’s Bar one. More details in due course.

6 thoughts on “Perhaps interestingly…

  1. Alex McMillan

    I did think this was great fun honestly, but maybe I just enjoy watching Liza Tarbuck. I imagine Danny Baker won’t be coming back, will this leave the door open for Rylan as a team captain?!

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    It’s just struck me that it’s quite odd this existing in a landscape where Richard Osman’s House of Games exists really. Perhaps they need to do more to differentiate it. Turn up the physicality maybe.

  3. Philip

    Just noticed that SRO Audiences has confirmed that Celebrity Game Night will now be filmed on a closed set due to the Coronation virus and all tickets will be refunded .

    We can check Susan Calman’s Instagram to see upcoming guests if she will be doing like the first series.

  4. Philip

    Any news on this programme’s taping? It’s the second day of filming and I haven’t seen any thing on Twitter or Instagram. Can things be different now that they are filming on a closed set. It’s not vital information but I was curious to see if there would be any guest info leaked out.

    Although, judging by Susan Calman’s Twitter, She is not taking part as she states that now she has a lot of time on her hands.

  5. Philip

    Just wanted to update on this television programme.

    It looks as if they didn’t tape CGN in March on a closed set. I wonder what happened.

    Now it looks like Series 2 will tape soon with social distancing for Comedy Central and Channel 5. Tarbuck is back with new Captains Guz Khan and Sue Perkins. Guests include Sally Lindsay, Sally Phillips, Clare Balding, Big Zuu, Andrew Maxwell. It will air later this year.


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