De Alleskunner

By | March 1, 2020

Putting this here mainly as a reminder to me to look into it in the next few days, I was alerted to this on Twitter last night:

Sounds intriguing and Very Much The Sort Of Thing We Like, although I’m interested to see how it goes down – the challenges would need to be very strong as it’d be quite difficult to start following and picking favourite contestants out of so many. Or is it? It’s on SBS6 in the Netherlands if anyone wants to have a look before I do (or indeed even after).

4 thoughts on “De Alleskunner

  1. Crimsonshade

    So is this a continuing series, like the 90 who remain come back next time and they continue to whittle down ten each episode?

  2. Tom F

    There are plenty of official clips of this on YouTube, so I had a little browse.

    It seems like the games are all fairly simple, physical, 1-and-done, tasks, which is a bit of a shame as I was imagining something more Schlag-like.

    The tone is a bit weird, half Serious Epic Battle-Royale (which thinking back to a bother’s bar post a few months back, it might be the best gameshow example of), half Total Wipeout-style pop music and sarcastic voiceover.

    I liked the way they did the eliminated player walk-off.

    1. David

      Overall winner gets a “year off” (I.e. a year’s salary)


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