Show Discussion: Celebrity Murder Mystery

By | March 28, 2020
The Cluedo lineup we the nation needs, no, *deserves* right now.

Friday/Saturday, 9pm

Forgive us for the late post, it had completely slipped our minds.

Six celebrities (Su Pollard, Sheila Ferguson, the Rev Richard Coles, Keith Duffy, Angela Rippon and John Sergent and are dropped into a period murder mystery investigation and must use their wits to try and work out who the killer is.

We’ll probably be all over this when we watch it (it’s only two parts so shouldn’t take long), but even if it’s rubbish we kind of approve of the Koreanisation of TV entertainment, so that’s good.

Any good? Let us know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Celebrity Murder Mystery

  1. Chris B

    Don’t worry, by the sounds of things I think Channel 5 forgot they had filmed it as apparently been in the can for a while. Despite that, I do quite fancy watching it.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    This was decently good fun, thanks largely in part to its casting (particularly John Sergent’s wry comments throughout). Probably better to look at this as a “celebrities do a 1920s Upstairs Downstairs house reality show with some crime solving elements” rather than a hardcore procedural investigation – the format is basically celebs experience a 1920s cultural thing (1920s exercise equipment, fencing, high-class party, food prep), then some characters will have a conversation meant to reveal clues or they’ll find a dead body which occasionally they’ll use 1920s style forensic techniques on a clue found thereon.

    There are a couple of quite fun surprises which I won’t spoil.

    I’m not quite sure where they could take it going forward if they wanted to do more, it felt like it used up most of The Main 1920’s Cultural Things and it was deliberately set there as it’s the golden period for Whodunnits, I’m not sure as a story it was hugely compelling to be honest but as a bit of entertainment it was alright.

    1. Andrew, the Yank

      I need to watch this, as it seems decidedly My Sort of Thing. I’m the guy whose career is working in historic museums, in large part because I watched Edwardian Country House ( – or rather Manor House, as it was called in America – at the age of like 14 and realized I a) wanted to live in the past and b) wanted to be a servant.

      And here I am, nearly 20 years later considered an expert on 18th century servants. My life is weird.

  3. gyroscope

    Oh my gosh, I loved this!

    Mainly, as you mentioned due to the casting. Pollard and Duffy should be a partnership for a range of shows…

    It was very BBC Two 1920s period experience show, with a light bit of a murder storyline thrown in, but it was tremendously good fun.

    I agree, I’m not sure it would work again, but I’m glad they made it.

  4. Matt Clemson

    I’d recommend if people want to catch up with this to deliberately skip through the opening montage that establishes the premise; I think it’s a tiny bit overspoilery. When it cuts to the celebrities at home getting ready, that’s when things start properly; looking at My5 online, that’s about 1:30 in.

    Also, in spoilery talk, in hindsight (and rot13 for the benefit of latecomers!)
    Gnxr nabgure ybbx ng gung cebzb cbfgre. Gurer’f n (irel rneyl) fcbvyre uvagrq ng evtug gurer!


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