Bother’s Bar Plays Badly REVISITED! It’s Quiz Time

By | March 29, 2020

Our very first Bother’s Bar Plays Badly was Snap Finger Click’s It’s Quiz Time, a game from the minds of some of the people behind 2000s video game quiz sensation Buzz! on the Playstation. In it, remarked at how dry the questions were (indeed, as we understand they were mainly created by algorithm) and how it lets the game down rather.

Two-and-a-half years on, and now with proper streaming software in place of 5fps Google Hangout, and because I fancied some easy XBox GamerScore, I decided to revisit it. This time not as a custom game showing off all the possible rounds, but as a standard six round quiz.

Describe It is still the most fun round by a considerable distance. The questions are still dry. But I found the whole thing quite a lot less boring. So that’s nice.

One thought on “Bother’s Bar Plays Badly REVISITED! It’s Quiz Time

  1. Setsunael

    Outta nowhere, the Schlag Den Star YT channel has posted in full the first episode from SdR :

    That’s a nice gift – except they’re already all available non-geoblocked on MySpass (and it’s quite good entertainment during those complex times, i’m currlnty going through all of them since one week !) . Why would they post it on Youtube, then…

    Well, there’s Masked Singer ongoing in Germany (live, with an audience as empty as SdS’ last episode)…and there’s rumors that Raab could be part of the casting. Hm. I’ll let have your own opinion.


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