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By | April 4, 2020

As we enter the third week of national lockdown there’s not a great deal of industry stuff going on. However Friends of the Bar are doing live streams many and variously, many of which you can watch on catch-up, so I thought I’d collect a load of links for you here.

  • Ash the Bash has been doing his interactive quiz nights for ages, several times a week, with live interactive takes on Million Pound Drop, 1000 Heartbeats, Winning Lines and more. Right now they’re in the middle of a massive Duel tournament. Watch on Twitch.
  • TV’s Daniel Peake has set up his own Twitch channel, offering a LIVE pub quiz on Thursday nights from 8pm and various live cryptic crossword solving streams variously across the week.
  • Buzzerblog has started streaming live games of Press Your Luck, Countdown and their ilk. Watch on Twitch.
  • Buzzerblog’s Bob Hagh has a channel where he streams NIntendo playthroughs. Twitch link.
  • Buzzerblog’s Pacdude has been doing Gameshow Gauntlet: Quarantine Edition. Twitch link.
  • And of course there’s HOURS OF CONTENT on BrigBox.
  • Doubtless you’ve all heard about latest quizzing sensation WikiQuiz.

Let us know if there’s something I should add to this.

We’ll probably open the Stool Pigeon on Monday for your LOCKDOWN GOSS.

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