Schlag den Brig. Tomorrow. 8pm. #imbackingbrig

By | May 8, 2020

A message from David:

Hi all,

We’re hoping as many of you as possible can lend your support to Schlag den Brig on Saturday night. Some SIX YEARS in the making, we’ve had the bright idea of staying at home and playing some quizzes over the internet. Original, yes? So, have I been able to come up with some decent games in all that time?

I think so. Many of the games are playalongable, and some even require your input. Unlike the usual follow-along broadcasts, Nick and Dan will have various MYSTERY PROPS which they’ll have to use as part of the fun. I can’t reveal what any of the games are, but I can hint that they will involve:

– A 10p coin!
– A ping-pong ball!
– Acrylic paint!
– A shoe bag!
– Electrician’s tape!

If that’s not a Saturday night extravaganza, I don’t know what is. Seriously, the whole thing has taken tens of hours and not insignificant financial outlay from the team, and we’ve even built our OWN APP for this. So, we’d really appreciate it if you could join us “as it happens” and cheer us on. 

YouTube chat will be enabled, and #sdb3 is the official Twitter handle (as well as #teamdan and #imbackingbrig, if you must). The whole thing will likely take over 3 hours, so do join us when you can. Wir sehen uns dort!

Oh God.

2 thoughts on “Schlag den Brig. Tomorrow. 8pm. #imbackingbrig

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    A great many thanks in advance to the whole team, and kindly permit me to start baying “Best of five! Best of five!” now, with future games in 2026 and 2032 by implication, regardless of whoever happens to win on the night. #TeamDan


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