It’s finally here! Schlag den Brig 3! #sdb3

By | May 9, 2020

Saturday, 8pm – 11:30-ish (UK),
Here and on Youtube

Hashtags: #sdb3, #imbackingbrig, #teamdan

We wanted to this years ago but real life got in the way (i.e. David and Dan were getting regular TV production gigs) and all it has taken was a worldwide pandemic to bring the internet together for our very own low-budget (but surprisingly high-budget and high-concept for a webshow one-off) take on legendary German show Schlag den Raab/Star. Daniel Peake and myself will take each other on over fifteen mystery games of knowledge, wit, strategy and dexterity devised by television’s very own David Bodycombe. Each game is worth an increasing amount of points – 1 for game one, two the game two, all the way to fifteen for game 15. 120 points on offer, so the first one to 61 points wins.

All we know is that viewer interactivity for some games has been promised, and we’ve each got a mystery box of items.

Here is Nick Gates (i.e. Brig Bother) pretending to be a bookie and talking in the third person on who is likely to do best on what tasks:

  • Quiz: You see it’s interesting – Dan is a proper quiz writer and master whereas Nick is just some guy who writes about formats. You can never rule him out though, some of his biggest wins in the previous episodes have been in the quiz arena and it’s occasionally surprising what he can pull out at short notice.
  • Wit: Dan is undoubtably better at puzzle solving and wordplay. Nick is funnier though, I think we can all agree.
  • Strategy: Surprisingly (to him), Nick has come out on top on many of the pure strategy events in the past – he’s a bit route one, but he picks up a game very quickly. Dan was quite good at Duck Duck Goose or whatever the bloody hell it was called.
  • Dexterity: Pretty even I think, Nick may surprise but just easily might just blame blaming having a weak eye for the more 3D events. He hopes there isn’t much crafting.
  • Six years have passed: And Nick has been on blood pressure tablets and has put on weight since the last one so there’s likely to be a worsening of his skills he’s happy to blame on being almost 39 now. Dan is the same age Nick was when he won, which may or may not be an advantage I don’t know.
  • Who is going to win? Nick will win the first eleven games for a 66-0 victory.

Schlag den Brig is based on Brainpool’s Beat Your Host format and is been produced and hosted by David Bodycombe and Scott Rux. Daniel and Nick’s Twitter’s can also be found.

You can watch the first two here:

12 thoughts on “It’s finally here! Schlag den Brig 3! #sdb3

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    Thanks to EVERYONE who tuned in live tonight, it was the best fun. I look forward to watching it all back with Youtube Chat in due course.

  2. David Bodycombe

    Thanks for the healthy audience. Sorry for the slip on the Cabinet ministers question (I even checked the UK Govt website today but somehow missed Truss), but it wouldn’t have made a difference on that game thankfully.

    Cheers for Dan and Nick for throwing themselves into it so gamely. And HUGE thanks to Scott for an IMMENSE effort on the technicals, support and for being a general, all-round good-egg.

  3. Daniel Peake

    A huge thank you to David and Scott for the humungous amount of effort they put in, and thank you to Nick for being such a fantastic opponent. I’m so happy with how the whole production, I’m actually sad it’s all over.

    Anyway, cue ONE MOMENT IN TIME please:

  4. Chris M. Dickson

    Thanks again to everyone involved for a truly triumphant night. Nosey question: who are the two people to whom special thanks are owed and why are/were special thanks owed to them?

    Tell you what was also very good (or, at least, Very Good If You Like This Sort Of Thing At Least In Principle) this Bank Holiday weekend: Sue Perkins, Ed Gamble, Sara Pascoe and Nish Kumar play Dungeons and Dragons for Comic Relief and raise tens of thousands. (Excellent phone cameos, too.) Obviously they all play it for laughs, but Nish plays it for slightly different sorts of laughs to everyone else. They’ve all never played before, but they all get into it, especially Sue.

    How come Sue Perkins hasn’t done Taskmaster yet? Surely just a matter of time…

    1. David B

      Surprised we didn’t get your trademark 1,000-word post-mortem… but to answer your question: they helped with things on Scott’s side, such as designing the OBS template for the videos.

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        Sometimes, very occasionally, I realise that just because I can do something does not mean that I should. 🙂

  5. David

    Sue did Celebrity Big Brother. That’s enough house-based suffering for one person.

  6. Ryan

    Thank you to all who put SDB3 together. This is the first time that I’ve been able to watch the whole proceedings and I was enthralled by the whole broadcast!
    Hope everyone has a great week.

  7. David B

    We’re planning on doing an aftershow video to go through the key moments. If there’s any questions about the games or production that weren’t answered satisfactorily at the time, please put them in this thread before Sunday teatime.

    1. Chris M. Dickson

      Obvious question: in game 13, what would the situation have been had Brig just matched Dan with his placement of the large last number? Had Dan’s tactic of avoiding copying opponents’ numbers, and thus having fewer opportunities to be forced to take a -5, made the difference? (I did like tregard’s comment at the time that Brig’s placement was the point at which Extreme Ways should have started to play…)

      SdR has a tradition of some vehicle-based game per show, and there was an online racing game in SdB 1 and the OB quiz from the motor museum as a very neat twist on a vehicular game in SdB 2. Obviously lockdown makes practical things impossible, but were you thinking along comparable lines at all this time?

      Thanks, again, for a brilliant show!


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