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By | April 3, 2021

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I completely forgot series two this was starting this week, so what I’m doing is bumping up the series one show discussion and seeing as it’s using mainly the same shows (and Name That Tune), you can continue discussion here.

Original post May 29th 2020

Well it’s finally here, Alan Carr’s epic supersized versions of classic formats – starting with Play Your Cards Right with The Price is Right, Bullseye, Take Your Pick and Strike it Lucky to come, offering epic supersized prizes in epic supersized endgames which by the sounds of it aren’t greatly bigger then they were during the 90s. Still though.

The first one is a celebrity Play Your Cards Right where four couples will battle it out to win £30,000 in cash (woah). Now is it me, or does it look like there are more than five cards in the row on that promo picture? Apparently the second season of the relaunched Card Sharks in the US is going with single game, five questions, seven cards (as opposed to ten cards last year which was rubbish as every game went to sudden death). This was recorded last year, so maybe it’s a tweak. Or maybe we’re reading too much into a clipped photo, who knows?

I can’t say Epic Take Your Pick and Epic Bullseye are that appealing, although intrigued to see how Strike It Lucky fares – a show which is famously not all that as a format but as something for Michael Barrymore to bounce off was very successful. Will an hour of it with Alan Carr have the same appeal? Will the audience response to the catchphrase still be unintelligible? I look forward to finding out.

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117 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow

  1. Joey Clarke

    Now that felt a bit different from last season.
    The Endgame is the same, the tiebreak is under sudden death conditions, new backgrounds for the finale, the main theme is in the background and the credits instead of the play your cards right music, the graphic for the money feels to tacky and cheap (Hopefully it’s fixed when they do the civilian play your cards right), can’t wait for Bullseye next week. (I thought it would be the price is right next week)

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    I don’t mind three questions for a standard game, but just the one for Sudden Death feels a bit harsh.

    I thought the sound mixing initially was pretty good here given it’s going to be largely canned, but it does miss the wrong answer sound effect.

    Also I thought the editing priority is a bit wrong – they evidently cut out loads of the question discussion, but made the actual card turning process as drawn out as possible. That bit’s meant to be fast and exciting!


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