7 thoughts on “Voting for the final of The People’s Ben Justice’s Top 100 UK Gameshows Of All Time is now open

  1. David B

    Apropos of nothing, just wanted to show some love to SpyParty, a computer game I’ve not come across before until recently. The best way of describing it is a mixture of The Mole and Counter Strike.

    It’s a two player game between a Spy who has to try and complete various missions (such as swap a statue or bug the ambassador) before time runs out, and a Sniper who has to shoot the spy before a certain number of missions (e.g. 3 out of 6 possibilities) are complete. The problem is that the AI are also doing various mission-type things at random, and the human Spy is doing their best to behave as much like an AI as possible while completing the missions as best they can.

    Because the pacing is so slow – characters can only walk around the room – it works far better than your typical First Person Shooter-type game. There’s a lot of moments where a player does something clunky and gets immediately shot for it, or maybe gets away with murder by completing 3 missions in the last 5 seconds (it can happen).

    There’s a whole set of leagues of people who play the game competitively, and it’s quite entertaining watching the different skill levels. At the very highest echelons, even the tiniest things are picked up. A little like Cluedo, it’s a little like a logic puzzle in that certain soft and hard tells can give away the identity of people who are “up to things” and that helps the Sniper narrow down the suspects. However, the Spy is sometimes able to delegate a mission to a helper or – brilliantly – even try to frame one of the innocent civilians into getting shot instead (useful if they think they can’t finish in time).

    Coverage of various matches can be found below. Be aware that we are watching these in ‘God mode’ – so we can see when a Sniper marks various players as highly (or lowly) suspicious, but they don’t get to see which missions the Spy has already done. There is a 10 second window between the Spy completing their final mission and the game ending – again, we (the Audience) can see this on screen, but the Sniper has to just sense when the game might be about to finish and take a shot at their most likely target when they think the time is right.


    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I quite enjoyed playing the Assassin’s Creed multiplayer for a bit about five years ago which is kind of similar, you have eight people in area and you are given a target, and you are someone else’s target, and you have to assassinate and avoid assassination – to help you there are loads of NPCs milling about an area doing stuff and you can blend in. Not as deep as Spyparty, but quite exciting.

  2. Greg

    Assassin’s Creed – I subscribe to the previous speaker 🙂 However, nfs world gave me the most joy. Alternatively, we can cite such classics as gta online or call of duty (especially the first parts)

  3. Oliver R

    Disappointing to see that the first page of the form only allows submissions that select from binary gender options, but I’ve sent my votes in anyway.

    1. Brandon

      One of the Sky channels (but not Challenge) used to repeat this early in the morning, I had completely forgotten what it was called, nice find.

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        Definitely has been repeated on Challenge as well. I know this from my night shifts!


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