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I’m 39 now, is Minecraft still A Thing? No matter, some enterprising Russians have decided to make an entire episode of Fort Boyard in Minecraft. It’s the return of popular Bother’s Bar subseries Amateur Adventure Hour! You can turn English subs on.

And it couldn’t be better timed! Fort Boyard returns to France 2 for its 31st season Saturday night and you can chat about it on our FB2020 page.

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  1. Brig Bother Post author

    This is kind of ingenious actually, I dread to think how much time must have gone in to modelling the Fort as they have, although clearly a lot of the doors are fake (as the search for the Council Crystal suggests), there’s some neat reimaginings.

    Sadly it looks like further episodes are just going to be the same games. Still, though.

  2. NinjaBoi

    I watched that the other day. Its quite good for Minecraft. That must’ve took a long time to build. I would think of building something like that but it would be way too difficult lol

  3. Chris M. Dickson

    I’ve had a corking Amateur Adventure Hour entrant open for a while now: Where Next?. The camerawork is based on selfie sticks, but the production and editing are top-class by AAH standards. It’s an orienteering variant. Usually two teams of two (though sometimes there is variation) play in each episode, racing around a town to take selfies of themselves at specified interesting locations within an hour.

    Typically there are twenty specified locations, each worth a point apiece, but three additional locations trigger (normally) additional new selfie locations, each valued at three points. Just because you’ve gone to one of the additional locations doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be nearer the new three-point location than the opposition, but the opposition aren’t allowed to score the three-point location for three minutes after it is triggered by the additional location.

    The team (mostly regulars, occasionally guests) film additional challenges for fun sometimes – cycle races, a race in a trampoline park and Christmas specials which are rather more Supermarket Sweep. I get the impression that home territory for the gang is northern England, though they have had tours around Scotland, Wales and – er – Florida. The vibe is ever so slightly CBeebies Technical Difficulties, which is meant as a high compliment.

    The weirdest thing is that the YouTube videos have only triple-digit views, despite the considerable love and effort put in; I suspect that they may mostly be doing business on The Instas, but am not sure. In any case, they come strongly recommended, and the campaign for a spot in the New Media Five – should that return at the end of the year in its current format – starts here.

  4. Will Stephen

    Not only to create the fort but the longest part is to create the blocks and games by far, that’s some fantastic use of mods they’ve used. I used Halo years ago roughly to do my own crystal maze style games. the limitations on that cause it to be hard to do a variety of games (and servers are poo). For them to be able to make good copies of actual Boyard games is impressive. I would love to get hold of the map and do a team version.

  5. Lee Turner

    I remember when i built a Fort Boyard in minecraft (didn’t even have creative mode 🙁 ) Half the issue was trying to fit stuff into the space i had gave myself which was pretty hard to do.

    May i also add this channel https://www.youtube.com/c/DidiProductions/videos
    They do Fort Boyard and other stuff in minecraft.

  6. Brandon

    I’ve also seen a few versions of WIDM in Minecraft, some are quite creative with the challenges within the limitations of Minecraft, there’s too many variations on this idea to list here.

  7. Greg

    I’m 29… still play minecraft from time to time and I love Fort boyard. I know how much time it took to build something like that. O_O

  8. Jason

    I was impressed by the first episode and currently watching the second. I concur with the other feedback that it must have taken an insane amount of time to put together.

    There is a delicious irony in the Rock-Paper-Scissors Council game of the first episode, where the final round has Maitre offering Paper and Alexander offering Rock – Alexander goes “yes” and the host declares Alexander the winner, despite Maitre winning the final round as Paper covers Rock

    … a perfect parody of the Noughts and Crosses game in the real thing, perhaps?

    1. Elias

      Maitre had Scissors in the final round so it’s Rock vs Scissors.

  9. Elias

    “although clearly a lot of the doors are fake” heeeey
    These doors are not fake at all. They’re just closed 🙂
    Looking through all these rooms could take more than 15 minutes.

    “Sadly it looks like further episodes are just going to be the same games”
    By the way we have 42 challenges behind our doors. Stay tuned for the 2nd and the 3rd season 🙂


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