RIP Regis

By | July 25, 2020

Not that important to a UK audience, nonetheless a US broadcasting legend, and famously crowned the world’s first Millionaire. Who’d be the nearest UK cultural equivalent – someone like Terry Wogan?

2 thoughts on “RIP Regis

  1. Gordon Donsldson

    Producer Michael Davis considered both Montel Williams and Phil Donahue to host before the gig was handed to Regis

    as for a UK Regis

    I, d say it was either Nicholas Parsons David Frost or Des O Connor

    And maybe Wogan considering the range of TV they each did

  2. DC

    Wogan is a fair shout – other possibilities of a slightly younger generation would be Eammon Holmes or Phil Schofield given their combination of daytime TV and gameshows (although possibly not with the same humour). He was quite a force of nature though on the daytime live chatshow he hosted (which still goes on today)


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