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By | August 1, 2020

Hopefully interesting things will start picking up again soon, Supermarket Sweep starts filming today (intrigued to see how they’ll get round social distancing), next Saturday sees the launch of Rolling In It and Freddie and Paddy’s Total Wipeout Takeover (which is obviously extremely cheap, however is it any different to various channels re-editing and commentating the same episodes of Takeshi’s Castle and Ninja Warrior ad infinitum?).

On Tuesday Fall Guys, the videogame Takeshi-esque Battle Royale is released on PC and PS4 and I’ll be doing a Plays Badly of it. Microids will be releasing a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game in the Autumn, and it’s looking totally Microids.

But in the meantime, what’s the best gameshow segment that has turned up in a video game? Famously there’s the one in Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo 64 (which you can also play on XBox), my attention has turned to Shy Guys Finish Last in the recent Paper Mario game, based largely around its ring sliding battle system. Please be aware that the following video contains story slight story direction spoilers (and the game’s got a delightful story) but nothing too bad.

7 thoughts on “Gameshows in games

  1. Callum J

    The new series of The Cube has the sparkly American title of “The Million Pound Cube”

      1. Matt Clemson

        And now I’ve just remembered the existence of Swanky Kong, who is more a bonus area host than a game show appearing in the *narrative*, but even so it’a got a bunch of visual trappings of gameshows (or in one instance, carnivals)

  2. Andrew, the Yank

    The weirdest/creepiest example definitely comes from Silent Hill 2, which is probably still the best horror game of all time.

    Also I’ve been watching Fall Guys streams (a lot of streamers got beta keys) and it looks awesome and I’m desperate to play it.


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