4 thoughts on “It’s Richard Osman’s House of Games Night!

  1. James Turner

    The trailer had given me the impression it was going to be more different than it was. Stripping episodes across weeks rather than days feels strange.
    Wasn’t convinced by the game with the band. It was funny juxtaposing wrong answers with the songs, but didn’t really add much. Reversing the photo and the clue with Answer Smash was a nice variation.
    Hopefully the future episodes will have some more new things to make it different from the normal show.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I think there’s going to be one bigger/more unusual game per episode, I’ve seen a picture of them rummaging about some props.

  2. Alex McMillan

    I am really quite surprised at how little difference there is between this and regular House of Games.


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