By | September 24, 2020

Bother’s Bar Game Night 20 returns for its annual Champion of Champions on Saturday October 17th – two days after Jackbox 7 gets released.

As it stands, most of the previous champions during the last year can make it (including you, Team Audience!), however there’s one person who might not be able to make it lockdown permitting so I’m giving myself plenty of time for contingency.

Have you been or are you a champion at anything? Or is there something you’ve hilariously failed at? And will you be free to play from 9-11:30ish on October 17th? Get in touch.

5 thoughts on “Are you a CHAMPION or a COMPLETE LOSER?

  1. Mika

    I’m 100% undefeated at Bother’s Bar Game Night.

    It helps that due to time zones and other schedule conflicts I’ve never been able to MAKE a Bother’s Bar Game Night, but that still doesn’t change the fact I’m undefeated.


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