Amongst Us

By | September 25, 2020

Right then Gang, free Sunday night from 9pm UK? I’m hoping to be recording a Bother’s Bar Plays Badly of hit zeitgeist hidden betrayal game Among Us.

We can take up to ten players, we need at least four. You will need:

  • A copy of the game – either on Steam (£3.99) or mobile (free).
  • Discord, as that’s where we’ll be chatting. Join the Bother’s Bar Group – link on the right.
  • A microphone.

This will be open to anyone who turns up, as I always say it’s a privilege not a right so I’ll just kick you if you’re being a nuisance/beating me. As games seem to be quite short we might get a couple in – plan for a 60-90 minute sesh – drop in and out as you please, if more than ten turn up it’ll be fastest finger with the room code. I will mute the server during gameplay and turn it on again for eviction discussion/post game grumbling/whatever. The video will go up the next day.

You don’t need to book a place, just turn up in the Bother’s Bar Among Us Discord voice chat.

If it goes well we’ll probably do a Town of Salem night in the near future (which is literally Werewolf), although probably not until after Bother’s Bar Game Night 20 on Saturday 17th October.

4 thoughts on “Amongst Us

  1. Matt Clemson

    I’d also throw a nod towards Bamboozle (, which is off-brand One Night Werewolf.

  2. Andrew, the Yank

    I have a 20-30 minute presentation at work the starts right at 10 UK time, depending on questions and then the 10 minute walk home I probably won’t actually make it in time, but just on the off chance I do I got the game finally. 😛


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