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By | October 26, 2020

I’ve been very much enjoying this series of The Wall, which is currently taking a break for a few weeks (presumably so Little Mix: The Search can catch up, although I don’t know. EDIT: Six Nations and Festival of Remembrance, it’s been suggested). Say what you like about the final reveal, and the criticisms are correct and fair, but I’ve shed more tears during that bit than anything else I can remember watching on telly in the last few years in a way that the similarly set-up The Exit List and For The Rest Of Your Life could only dream of.

Anyway I always really liked the credits music. And it turns out it’s on Youtube! There’s a four minute mix of Michael Lord’s suite of music for the show – omitting the ball dropping music unfortunately, but still.

5 thoughts on “Wall of Sound

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    In other news, have just discovered Jeopardy Playshow is getting a EU release on Friday. If I can rig it up, I might see if I can do a Plays Badly with some of you on Friday evening.

  2. Brandon

    The episodes after the break are celebrity specials IIRC, and I can’t see that being all that interesting because surely they’ll all just take the guarantee?

    I think the reason this reveal works better than The Exit List is because it’s the contestants revealing which option was the right own rather than the computer as it was there.

    1. Alex S

      The Wall still has the same problem The Exit List did in the reveal in that one of the players has to pretend that they haven’t won/not give away that they’re happy for the sake of the reveal. If anything, taking the reveal from The Exit List where the final prize is displayed on a screen would get rid of that issue from The Wall, as that would completely resolve all of the unknown elements to the two players in one instant.

  3. Mathew Palmieri

    Brig posted this on twitter recently, but i thought i would share it anyway’s:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmw5UA7O5Uk
    “Love Cabin” a webseries(?) that is a cross between cabin in the wood and love island. 4 parts so far, its a intresting watch to be sure, not sure where it is exactly leading towards other than (Spoilers, ROT13) 2 Ryvzvangvbaf/”Qrnguf” jurer v nz abg fher ubj gubfr crbcyr jrer rknpgyl pubfra. Vgf nyy irel zlfgrevbhf. Based on the youtube channel, its made by Gary Monaghan? That’s a name i haven’t heard in a while.

  4. Brandon

    (ROT13d as well) Fb vg’f cerggl zhpu Xvyyre Pnzc ohg n cnebql bs Ybir Vfynaq engure guna 80f fynfure svyzf?


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