The Love Cabin

By | October 27, 2020

I’ve got no idea what this is, other than FOTB Mad Monk (Gary Monaghan’s production company) uploaded it to Youtube recently. It’s in four parts, each about ten minutes, so presumably this is a commercial hour. In it, three guys and three gals go to the Love Cabin to find love, but it’s soon apparent not everything is how it appears. Happy Halloween.

I don’t know if this is a proof of concept or a pilot or what – as a reality show I think it requires too much suspension of disbelief, the contestants seem to get over the stuff that’s going on pretty quickly. As a Black Mirror-esque drama I’m completely up for it though. Most of Monaghan’s trademark silliness isn’t really apparent until the last five minutes, where it turns into Killer Camp.

One thought on “The Love Cabin

  1. Gary

    It was a pilot we did for Sky about 3 years ago… before Killer camp. Uploaded it for Halloween. It was very low budget but there’s some good moments. We used a lot of magic tricks and illusions to create real time scares in the cabin. About half way through I think they knew they were in an immersive horror experience but because they were so used to constructed reality shows like TOWIE, they went with it. They genuinely didn’t know what was really going on though. All the scares were for real and freaked them out. Interesting immersive horror/dating show experiment though. Ultimately I thought that the concept of reality tv had become so vague that people would enjoy a dating show within a ghost train horror ride. I hoped it would become more about relationships and characters rather than about their believability of the world. I was almost certainly wrong!


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