Bother’s Bar Game Night 22: The Tenuous Council Elections Edition

By | May 2, 2021

8pm – 10:30-ish UK,
Here and on Youtube

Tonight we’ll be counting votes and taking names with the 22nd edition of Bother’s Bar’s Game Night!

Join us for LIVE INTERACTIVE FUN as seven esteemed panellists will be battling it out for your votes across a number of Jackbox games, or will the anarchist Team Audience somehow end up in control of the Bother’s Bar parish?

We’ll be starting at 8pm with Bracketeering and working our way up to the glorious Arbitrary Final around 10:15pm, join us any time you like, drop in, drop out, whatever. We’ll be needing a Voice of the Audience tonight variously so come with a microphone and Discord if you want that to be you.

Live feed will appear here, but we advise watching on the Youtube site for lower latency and live audience chat.

3 thoughts on “Bother’s Bar Game Night 22: The Tenuous Council Elections Edition

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    Alright, I was *quite pleased* with how that turned out even if it ended up being a bit messier than I anticipated.

    I had the idea a few weeks ago, but at the time it was an eliminatory game – Round One (Tick All The Boxes) would have me listing two or three boxes and you having to come up with something that ticked all the boxes (these would definitely be puzzles with answers), Round Two would be Tick All That Apply, which is the round that eventually became the format, and the Final Round was Tick None Of The Boxes, which would be a bit like that game Ghost where the final two take it in turns to add a new box until challenged to name something that doesn’t fit any of the boxes, or something like that anyway.

    Catchphrase: I just thought a call and response ending in “conjunction” was quite funny. The object of the rule was to stop people just bolting things on (“a sandwich toaster that also doubles as a pokemon which had a UK Top 40 Hit” etc.). There was an interesting question in the chat as to whether “electric guitar” would be accepted, and I’d have said yes because an ‘electric guitar’ is a thing, whereas a “zinc alloy mandarin” is quite clearly the word “mandolin” with “zinc alloy” attached to bulk it out.

    I think I might have flipped several times in the early stages as to whether part of an answer ticks a box or not, this was unanticipated (all Arbitrary Finals are effectively first playings, that’s the fun), I think I came down on “not acceptable” by the end. Not fair, but quite funny.

    I always wondered how people were able to edit Powerpoint presentations on the fly and I think I figured it out, but as someone who likes things in windows to he can control his screen real estate it’s annoying having the slideshow play on a full screen. It’s great that I can edit a future slide though, very useful.

    The theme tune just came to me, I was pleased with how the titles came out on Powerpoint.

    I think that’s it.


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