There’s an Escape Room 2 coming!

By | June 7, 2021

Well this is extremely exciting, there’s ANOTHER Escape Room film coming out, but this differentiates itself from all the other films called Escape Room by being a sequel i.e. Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions.

This one’s a sequel to the big budget Sony one (“This big budget high concept film sees a group of invited strangers take on a series of escape rooms, each of which is filled with DEADLY PERIL. It’s effectively a series of set-piece rooms each with only one real puzzle in them, but it’s schlocky fun and has a variety of settings and ideas. Think a slightly less lovable Cube but with worse characters and a variety of sets.”) and looks to have been made in a similar vein, with survivors from previous games playing again whether they like it or not. The last one left itself very open to a sequel, and if it’s basically going to be like a 15-rated version of Saw, increasingly ridiculous backstory and all, then this is something I’m prepared to live with.

Edit: And speaking of escaping, Amazon Prime have three of the five seasons of Escape From Scorpion Island to watch now.

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