It’s Craig Charles everywhere you look

By | July 21, 2021

Do you remember where you were when you first discovered Jools Holland’s Annual Hootenany wasn’t live? I do, I was was watching BBC1 at the time, and he briefly showed up playing actually live at a New Year’s celebration event. My mind was blown. TV had lied to me all this time.

Anyway it was announced today that Craig Charles is to host a new weekday afternoon show on BBC Radio 6 Music. However, he’s also hosting upcoming Channel 4 daily afternoon quiz Moneybags, meaning potentially he’ll be front and centre of two different shows on different networks simultaneously.

Can anyone think of anyone else this has happened to?

15 thoughts on “It’s Craig Charles everywhere you look

  1. Ian Symes

    This has happened before… with Craig Charles. For a few weeks in January 1997, both Red Dwarf VII and Captain Butler aired on BBC2 and Channel 4 at 9pm on Fridays.

  2. Steve Williams

    Sorry to barge in and spoil it, but while they were on the same night, Captain Butler was actually on an hour later.

    The classic example of this was surely when Paul O’Grady defected to C4 and ITV pathetically showed repeats of old episodes of The Paul O’Grady Show opposite his new programmes, for about five minutes before they got appalling viewing figures. One famous example of that happening in the past was in March 1979 when BBC1 and ITV went head to head with Morecambe and Wise repeats –

    There were also two occasions in Euro 2000 when the Beeb showed episodes of A Question of Sport opposite matches Ally McCoist was punditing on for ITV, and a year or so ago Kelly Cates was on Pointless the same time she was presenting football on Sky Sports. I also remember in the nineties Andy Crane presenting Take Two on CBBC at the same time as an episode of Bad Influence on CITV.

    I hope this is like when Mark Goodier used to be on drivetime on Radio 1, in the era when they simulcast Top of the Pops, and when Goodiebags was presenting Pops he used to end his show with two records back to back while he “got a cab to TV Centre”.

    1. Whoknows

      IIRC ITV also did that repeats trick with Trisha when she moved to C5 although I think ITV ended up being the victors in that battle and C5 ended up moving her later.

    2. Brig Bother Post author

      I always thought it was a shame Richard Osman on Pointless never ends an episode pretending to rush over to House of Games.

      We need more Richard Madeley “and here’s one I made earlier!” energy.

  3. Chris B

    As always, a more recent example is Rylan. Some of the recent Celebrity Supermarket Sweeps went out for the first time whilst he was on Radio 2 on Saturday afternoons.

    The first year Claudia Winkleman was on Sunday Nights on Radio 2, they ended up moving her from 7-9 to 9-11 in the Autumn to avoid a clash with the Strictly results, even though both were pre-records! In later years they just got cover for her for three months, which is certainly nice work if you can get it.

  4. John R

    Another upcoming example is BBC1 are airing the Bradley and Holly series that they filmed ages ago on Saturday nights…30 minutes of which clash with an episode of Celebrity Chase on ITV1 (and no doubt Challenge will have an episode of The Chase on at the same time too!) so Bradley Walsh is literally going to take over your TV

    1. Brett Linforth

      If Challenge is broadcasting, it’s almost certain they’ll show an episode of The Chase – they seem to think it’s the only gameshow in the world!

  5. Thomas Sales

    Episode eleven of Lightning aired opposite Zoe Lyons’ appearance on The Unbelievable Truth and followed her first of five appearances on House of Games.

  6. Des Elmes

    There must have been plenty of occasions in the ’90s when one could see Carol Vorderman on C4 and CITV at the same time (the ‘Down and How 2), right?

    And I’ll never forget Martyn Lewis presenting Today’s the Day on BBC2 at 5:30pm and the Six O’Clock News on BBC1 immediately after. Not *quite* simultaneous, but as a kid at the time it blew my mind a bit.

    1. Matt Clemson

      On the ‘presenting one show then another’ bit, I’m sure that at least once on Comic Relief Lenny would wander over to the studio that was just finishing showing a live programme on BBC2 to report back… so he was effectively in *the same broadcast* on both channels.

      I’ve half a memory of him talking with someone else on BBC1 (Maybe Griff?), and saying ‘Over’ after each sentence so people could swap channels to follow the conversation.

    2. Oliver R

      Countdown was on much later in the afternoon back then, only starting at 16:30. How 2 generally went out a bit earlier.

      There could’ve been some overlap if an episode of How 2 were broadcast on the same day as the longer Countdown final, but I don’t recall the former being a Friday show.


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