What’s the best rearranged theme tune?

By | September 14, 2021

US started its new season yesterday and one of the new “things” is an old “thing” – Wheel of Fortune has a new arrangement of Changing Keys, one of its old – and most remembered – themes (coincidentally written by the show’s creator Merv Griffin).

So I ask you viewers: what’s the best rearrangement of an established theme?

13 thoughts on “What’s the best rearranged theme tune?

  1. Alex Richards

    The Fort Boyard theme. Pick whichever one you like, as long as it’s not France 2000 (Sweden 2000 is fine, though).

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I remember when they changed it being annoyed that it went up and down in the wrong places. What were they *thinking*?

      1. Mr Babbage

        My guess? Change the legally mandated number of notes to be an ‘original’ composition, seeing as the whole thing seems to have been a music publishers put up job. Same reason the ITV Jeopardy! theme does exactly the same thing in exactly the same way.

  2. Clive

    Special mention has to go to the fabulous orchestral version of the To Tell The Truth theme they used in 1990.

    1. Chris M Dickson

      If we’re doing orchestral rearrangements, I reckon the orchestral version of the Knightmare theme tune used in series 4-5 counts as a pretty straight rearrangement of the video game-y synth version used in versions 1-3, and I submit it as the definitive answer to Brig’s question, whereas the version 6-8 theme is not so much a rearrangement or a remix as a new, but similar version. It’s a bit of a grey scale between rearrangements and similar but different tunes – for instance, the Catchphrase theme tunes are all sufficiently different to the point where I would narrowly consider them to be not rearrangements.

  3. Gordon Donaldson

    Marc Sylvan is the master at re-imaginging classic quiz themes

    Special mention goes to his updates of 15 to 1 and Catchphrase

    His Family Fortunes revamp is growing on me


    just when I thought Paul Farrer couldn’t make his Weekest Link package any more brilliant HE WENT AND DID IT

    it’s morphed into a completely brilliant Judge Rinder/Chase crossover


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