Happy All Of The Shows Are Back This Week Week!

By | September 20, 2021

It seems to get later and later every year doesn’t it?

In other news, GamesMaster films 4-6th October at the Cross Ness Engines Trust at Thames Water, tickets can be procured from SRO.

To be clear I still have misgivings about the point of bringing the show back, however what a brilliant location for it, a Victorian pumping house, harking back to the Games Rig of its second series, it looks absolutely beautiful. A self-styled cathedral of engineering. Love it.

In other news Limitless Win films 4th-6th at the beautiful but in a very different way Elstree. Tickets can be obtained through Applause Store.

4 thoughts on “Happy All Of The Shows Are Back This Week Week!

  1. Joey Clarke

    I thought they wouldn’t do a power station for the new series after the Gamesrig blew up after a kitchen error that nearly wiped out Dominick Diamond.

  2. Score

    Speaking of shows being recorded, Moneyball apparently (re)started a few days back. Guessing they’ve actualy managed to make it this time?


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