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By | November 23, 2021

First! It’s Schlag den Star on Saturday! Come join us for fun, games and shenanigans in the Bother’s Bar Discord from 7:15pm UK.

Next apropos of nothing, it’s the full theme from Connections! Connections with Sue Robbie is of course the best afternoon quiz of the 80s, don’t bother at-ting me Blockbusters and Going for Gold fans. Banger alert!

Nexter! It’s only episode two of TV Show and Tell, with special guest Tom Blakeson and exciting plumbing!

Nextest! Some Christmas details have been released, top of the shop is The Weakest Link where eight celebs with connections to Christmas will battle it out to win up to £50k for charity and try not to get eliminated before Gemma Collins. Nice casualwear Romesh!

The Wall vs Celebrities, the show that everyone is just going to call Celebrity The Wall, is introducing The Superdrop! They’ve done this for a while in the US, basically it’s a drop with seven green balls, then a drop with seven red ones, for apparently no real reason other than to add more randomness tension.

Finally, The Sun is reporting that the BBC want to revive Friends Like These with Vernon Kay and Queen Alison Hammond, although why Hammond couldn’t host on her own I don’t know.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Attractions

  1. Christopher McBride

    I didn’t think the new Weakest Link set would be that different from the original, so that’s a big surprise. Can’t say I’m fond of it, although then again I eventually did warm to the set on the revived Fifteen To One.

    I’m presuming that at the moment the new version is celebrities only. If they do bring back a civilian version, I wonder if they’ll stick with this set or have a simpler one more akin to the original daytime one,

  2. Joey Clarke

    I thought the top prize on the new Weakest link was set to be £100,000 when I heard about the news.


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