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By | November 28, 2021

Well, at least it’s not clashing with I’m A Celeb. If I’m A Celeb was going to be on. I’ve just discovered that the ITV2 showing of Killer Camp series two over the next fortnight has been given the much-sought after 10:45pm slot on Monday, and 11pm the rest of the week.

The first series was a combination of really fun and ideas I would politely describe as “bullshit”.

This was one of those very frustrating shows where you can see the potential, and occasionally it shines through (agreed that Bobby Mair was great in this, and I did think the ending was quite something), but they made so many poor decisions in some areas I just want to find out what made them do the things they do…

I’d be really happy for it to get a (simpler, better thought out) second series, but if it doesn’t happen then I’ll live.

Me in 2019

This has quite an interesting history, the first series repeated well on The CW in the US to the point that this probably-more-US-centric second series got commissioned (which is kind of how Penn and Teller: Fool Us became a regular hit over there), but this second one flopped massively, pulled after two episodes.

Turns out there are likely to be two murderers this time round as well – US and UK schedulers.

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