Shane Richie’s Lateral Movements

By | January 13, 2022

With The Sun reporting that Millionaire is going to get its first ever spin-off show in Fastest Finger First (provided you don’t count 50:50 or Hot Seat, both of which aren’t very good), we ponder: what other shows have sufficient brand identity that you can spin entirely new formats from?

4 thoughts on “Shane Richie’s Lateral Movements

  1. David B

    Play the general knowledge round whilst sliding down the obstacle course’s zip wire to get: KRYPTON HEIGHT.

  2. Oliver R

    Wasn’t 50:50 a CBBC show hosted by Sally Gray, and nothing to do with the Millionaire lifeline?

    1. Karen

      Different show from what I understand, there apparently was a format called 50:50 based on Millionaire around the same time.


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