Where were you when the gameshow genre died?

By | May 16, 2022

You were probably hammering the nails into the coffin to be honest.

What’s that? A new show on Netflix that’s a bit like Bullshit which is extremely mediocre? With Ellie Taylor and Danny Dyer? That nobody will watch? It’s the future of television.

In other news Beat the Chasers is on tonight and all week with added Supernerd. I hope the audience takes to him, although I’m still not sure BtC is the correct way to introduce him. Still, though.

8 thoughts on “Where were you when the gameshow genre died?

  1. Mark Labbett

    It wasn’t a planned move. Anne had a positive covid test 48 hours before filming and Issa was the only chaser in the world who didn’t need a work permit (he was born in Cornwall and is a dual national), so he hopped on a plane at 12 hours notice.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yep I get that, although I wasn’t aware of the Cornwall thing before today which is a Fun Fact.

  2. Brekkie

    C4 commissioning Celebrity Scared of the Dark might be another indication of the gameshow apocalypse too.

    However Beat the Chaser proving how great gameshows can be but the opening questions tonight were real stinkers – more specific knowledge than general knowledge and that snooker questions wouldn’t look out of place towards the top of the Millionaire money ladder. Given last time we saw the show they were giving celebs pathetically simple opening questions it really stood out tonight.

  3. Christy Cooper

    I don’t think the *quiz* genre is dying out (despite other forms of gameshows not living up to expectations recently)- look how well 1% Club is doing. The Golden 5 of 2021 also show that there’s still a lot of originality around.

    But game shows of any kind should remain on linear television- they’re not a format that lends themselves to binging.

    1. Brekkie

      To be fair there is probably more originality in the game show genre than in most other genres at the moment.


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