The actual real motherlode

By | June 21, 2022

Wowsers. It’s a twenty minute edit of the Richard O Brien Fort Boyard pilot, uploaded by Pierre Launais (one of the show’s creators). Be aware that the sound is *well* out of sync – like the visuals are running at a different speed to the sound.

It’s actually impressively fully-formed – about 75% of the games used were used in the first series of the actual show as is, a few more with a couple of differences, a few not at all. There’s no Pere Fouras character yet, The Sphinx serving much the same role, and I can’t work out what the scissors/paper/stone card bit at the end was all about (I wonder if this was the inspiration for the Time Chasers element bought into the show later on).

Also they cracked down on the “using your clothes as a sack to collect coins” between pilot and series. The treasure room in the first series worked differently to all the other ones – 18 chests, each key opened a chest, but you couldn’t go in and out – it was one way only, and “the legend” says if you won you could only take out what you could physically carry, so you had to strip down to the minimum before taking on the flooded underground to enter.

Still though, absolutely fascinating stuff.

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    1. Brig Bother Post author

      The way people had been talking about this you’d think it was a surprise on the level of The Chase being axed, when in fact it had never done very well losing about 60% of it’s HOG lead-in, and if it didn’t help fill a regional quota probably wouldn’t have got a second series at all.


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