Escape Rooms of Horrible Death films – ranked!

By | August 5, 2022

Inspired by a Twitter comment earlier I’ve been asked what the best films in the burgeoning escape rooms of horrible death genre are.

Escape rooms are ripe for horror – they are confined spaces that by their very nature are difficult to escape threat from. But it’s likely they’ll also have puzzles and people doing things! What fun. Some of these are gruesome (Escape Room), some of these are closer to 15 certificates to be honest (Escape Room). But which are the best? We’ll update this list as we watch more of them.

  1. Cube
  2. Cube Zero
  3. Fermat’s Room
  4. Saw II, I guess
  5. Escape Room
  6. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
  7. Escape Room
  8. Escape Room: Quest of Fear
  9. Escape Room
  10. Play or Die
  11. Escape: Puzzle of Fear
  12. Cube 2: Hypercube

There’s a fair chance I’ve missed films I’ve actually watched here, so feel free to name others I might have missed off, I’m going to watch Escape Room: Quest of Fear over the weekend hopefully.

Edit: Watched Escape Room: Quest of Fear. It is a low budget affair, the gore effects are comical more than anything and the story and direction feel “a bit media studies”. However, it is intriguingly Russian and successfully captures a certain grittiness. An interesting entry, if not necessarily a great one.

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