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By | August 13, 2012

I’ve been doing this for a looooong time. I don’t do it for the money (I’m well down after train fares and Big Cash Prizes). I do it for the love.

And what I love most is being surprised. I like to champion things that would otherwise go unnoticed (see Accumulate!) because their reach is small but has a certain quality and they do it for the love.

Which brings us to a show someone highlighted the other day: 31 Questions.

I quite like 31 Questions.

It’s a very low budget local community channel show in Melbourne (Channel 31) hosted by comics David M Green, Anthony McCormack and Sophie Loughran. It has two people playing a general knowledge quiz who are never able to recognize film quotes. And mostly it has jokes in it. The jokes are fast and furious in fact, and whilst they tend to over-reach a bit (less is sometimes more especially with the ad-libs, and the final clue gag in the “when is it?” round gets a bit old), Green’s got quite a Tim Vine-esque quality about him so you just roll with it. They’ve also somehow managed to rope in proper celebrities for the sketches – Andrew O Keefe in the opener for this episode has been hosting Deal or No Deal since 2003.

Mainly it reminds me tonally of Remote Control with Anthony H Wilson. There are ten episodes on Youtube so far and new episodes go out on Saturday nights – I watched about six of them yesterday. Mmm.

2 thoughts on “31 Questions

  1. Michael

    The show actually tapes out of my current University! You know you’re in a high-up Institution when you have a TV Studio in the Basement!

    I’ll probably be auditioning as a contestant, and I’ll definitely be in the audience, when it returns to tape in March.


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