Das Mystery of Quizboxen

By | October 18, 2012

TV Total Quizboxen
Tonight, 9:30 UK time, Pro7

Denk! Tonight is the inaugural edition of Stefan Raab’s TV Total Quizboxen. It takes the modern sport of chessboxing and replaces the chess with a quiz.

Five two-minute rounds of boxing interspersed with five rounds of quiz duelling. A knockout can happen in either. The winner wins €25,000 and will get to defend their title next time, a fifth victory is worth an additional €100,000. There will be three fights this evening.

Looking forward to this, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

94 thoughts on “Das Mystery of Quizboxen

  1. Andy "Kesh" Sullivan

    OK, overall impressions of the show. I really liked it! The presentation was good and as the game got going, they tightened up the transitions from boxing ring to question desks. This made a nice thing to watch as we wait for the next Schlag den Raab. I’ll definitely tune in to watch this again!

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    As a one off I thout it was quite good fun, but I don’t really have any pressing need to watch it again any time soon. I don’t know how often they’re planning on doing this. The quiz element had some fun ideas, but the sense of jeopardy wasn’t really there.

  3. James

    What was everyone’s thoughts after that then?

    I thought that with a bit of work, the show could do really well. Will post the ratings in the morning.

  4. James

    Last night’s viewing figures;

    1.73m with an 11.7% share(1.32m & 19.6% share in 14-49 market). Very mixed reaction to the format, with some saying that it is good whilst others criticising it.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Do you know what they’d get normally for the slot? It feels quite low for a Raab event, but it was on quite late on a Thursday.

      1. James

        It’s a little better than what they normally get. A magazine show called ‘Red’ normally airs then. It does ok, but Raab gave the slot a bit of a boost. 19.6% in the 14-49 market is very good, so all round, they will be very happy.

        Quizboxen did premiere after the opening episode of the second season of ‘The Voice of Germany’. The Voice got 4.69m with a 15.5% share (3.89m & 28.5% in 14-49 market).

          1. James

            They are very impressive for Prosieben. The following night’s ‘Voice of Germany’ got 5.24m, its highest ever audience. I expect it to go even higher next week, and could even break 6m before long.

            Sat.1 is regarded as the 4th largest channel in Germany, with Prosieben 5th/6th.

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