The UKGameshows/Bother’s Bar Poll of 2012 Results AFTERPARTY

By | January 14, 2013

Here we go then! Here as usual are the percentages of the top ten shows in the three main categories hidden under a cut. Needless to say, you are advised to read the report first as there will otherwise be spoilers ahead.

Alright then, here we go!

Hall of FAME 2012
Breakaway 17.1%
The Exit List 16.4%
Blockbusters 9.1%
Cleverdicks 8.0%
1001 Things You Should Know 5.8%
The Bank Job 5.5%
School of Hard Sums 5.1%
Tipping Point 5.1%
Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge 4.7%
Don’t Blow the Inheritance 4.0%

This was very close.

Hall of SHAME 2012
The Bank Job 20.2%
Tipping Point 13.4%
Baggage 8.7%
The Love Machine 5.5%
The Mad Bad Ad Show 4.3%
1001 Things You Should Know 4.0%
The Exit List 4.0%
Don’t Blow the Inheritance 3.6%
Lemonaid 3.6%
The Voice 3.6%

This was rather less close.

Golden Five 2012
Pointless 18.5%
Only Connect 18.2%
The Chase 15.3%
The Cube 6.4%
Deal or No Deal 4.8%
University Challenge 4.5%
Secret Fortune 2.5%
Breakaway 1.9%
Great British Bakeoff 1.9%
The Exit List 1.9%

This was basically as close as you can get.

Don’t forget the voting system changed slightly this year limiting people to a maximum of two votes per show per category, so the maximum is around 40% (non used votes don’t count towards the percentages and there was a huge amount of those this year).

For comparison, here’s last year’s numbers. See you next year!

19 thoughts on “The UKGameshows/Bother’s Bar Poll of 2012 Results AFTERPARTY

  1. David Howell

    Amazing. And long may the polls continue.

    I knew the top three would be in some order (and voted tactically within it), but didn’t expect it to be that close!

    Interesting that Exit List didn’t make the Shame top ten. I did wonder if it might. Bank Job deservedly gets in the Fame top ten, there was so much wrong (hence the Shame vote) but plenty enough right to *almost* compensate. As I said on my ballot, flawed brilliance was the theme of the year’s new shows.

      1. David Howell

        So it did – yes that’s fair enough, I looked for it in positions 8-10.

        I clearly need sleep having got up at silly a.m. in the snow for Paul’s runthrough today.

  2. Lewis

    I made the joke comment on twitter that 15 or so weeks of making a game show commentary podcast has made me better at making comments on the shows in the poll. But I didn’t expect to see five of mine up there, so thanks for publishing my views.

    Also, one vote in it between OC and Pointless! Wow! I may have to ask Richard to record a quick acceptance speech for the podcast.

  3. Chris M. Dickson


    Once a year is right, but keep up the great work!

  4. Chris M. Dickson

    Quick round of comparing the last five years?

    Best five shows in the Hall of Fame
    Least good five shows in the Hall of Fame

    Worst five shows in the Hall of Shame
    Least bad five shows in the Hall of Shame

    2008 was good, 2010 was bad, 2012 was unusually mediocre across the board.

    1. David Bodycombe

      I thought 2012 had a lot of good shows with killer flaws in them. I’m keeping my powder dry for the next Fifty50 Show but I will say that we’re in something of a golden age for maturing, returning formats.

      In the old days, game show fans were happy with a series of Crosswits at 9.25am and Krypton Factor vs Telly Addicts on Monday evenings. Now, we have strong shows for several hours every single day of the week.

      The top 10 of this year’s Golden Five demonstrate real strength and depth that few countries will be able to emulate.

      1. David Howell

        Agreed with all of this. The right shows from the last few years have thrived, this year’s crop were indeed filled with great ideas and unfortunate flaws (no wonder the best and worst lists had some overlap – normally it’s divisive shows like, erm, Divided that get that).

  5. Luke the lurker

    Just me that quite enjoys Tipping Point? Apparently so…

    (And thanks for using my comments Brig! And apologies for messing up the maths with unorthodox choices…)

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      No, Tipping Point picked up a reasonable number of votes. It just got over twice as many in the Hall of Shame.

      I think it is a show with a few issues, but I do quite enjoy watching it.

  6. Andy "Kesh" Sullivan

    If anyone’s interested, my votes were:

    Fame – The Exit List, Cleverdicks, Blockbusters, Breakaway, 1001 Things You Should Know

    Shame – The Bank Job x3 (didn’t notice that I could only cast 2 votes, so I guess one got wasted), Don’t Blow The Inheritance x2

    Comments for Blockbusters (“This is exactly what I want to see from gameshows…”) and 1001 TYSK (“Another quirky little quizzer from Channel 4”) were mine.

  7. CeleTheRef

    little in-joke on today’s Avanti Un Altro: one of the options of the Alien question was his real name, Leonardo Tricarico πŸ™‚

    also I believe that now Luca Laurenti will stop complaining that Bonolis gets all the gifts from the audience.

  8. Des Elmes

    My Fame votes were: one for Breakaway, two for the Exit List, and, um, two for The Voice UK… 😳 😳 😳 πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, though, it wasn’t just because of Jessie – it was also because it was good to see, for once, a national televised singing competition (best description I could think of) with very few sob stories and absolutely no trace of Simon Cowell. Say what you like about its flaws, its ratings collapse and the cancellation of its national tour – but it was still a decent show, and the changes for series 2 ought to make it even better.

    Anyway, my Shame votes: two for the Bank Job, and one each for Baggage, Keith Lemon’s LemonAid and Peter Andre’s Bad Boyfriend Club.

    And my Golden Five votes: two for Pointless, two for The Chase and one for University Challenge. Were it not for the fact that the current regular series of UC has not been a classic at all so far, I’d have given it two… and The Chase one. So one can’t say I had any influence on who won… 😳 😳 πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    The comments on Paul Sinha, the epic Pointless jackpot wins and Manchester v Clare Cambridge were all mine – thanks for publishing them, Brig. πŸ˜‰

    1. David Howell

      I gave one vote to The Voice UK too. Would have been on for two (and a Golden Five vote) if it weren’t for the battle rounds. I should have put “Danny subverts the shouting of the battle rounds by putting Bo through over Vince” as one of my moments, too.

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